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Using Medical Marijuana With Kids and Teens in the House

A medical marijuana card in Virginia grants you access to one of the best therapeutic products available for a range of health conditions. If you have children at home, however, using this product may get complicated. How can you use this therapeutic intervention safely and securely with kids in the house? It’s easy enough, if you just take a few precautionary steps!

Keeping Medical Marijuana Secure at Home

Your medical marijuana is a medication like any other. As such, you want to keep it secured and out of the hands of smaller people. You have several options when it comes to keeping your medical marijuana out of reach.

Lockable Medicine Cabinets

Lockable medicine cabinets are especially effective in homes where the little ones aren’t tall enough to reach the sink! A lockable medicine cabinet not only keeps the kids out, but it also keeps your product safe from the prying eyes of guests. Who hasn’t wanted to take a peek in someone’s medicine cabinet at one time or another, right?

Key Lockboxes

An old-fashioned lockbox is always an option. Of course, clever little hands might find the key, so make sure to keep the key out of reach. Many marijuana-specific lockboxes feature a humidor-style design, which can be an ideal choice for medical marijuana users who prefer smokable marijuana flower and want to keep it fresh. These designs also limit any errant smells from escaping.

Are you a medical marijuana patient who uses non-flower products, such as tinctures or edibles? A traditional lockbox that doesn’t attract too much attention will do the trick!

App-Controlled Lockboxes

Some modern versions of the lockbox use a digital lock system that you can control with an app on your phone. Since your kids may be more skilled on your phone than you are, make sure that you keep your phone locked with a passcode that only you know.

Additional Accessories to Consider

If smaller children are in the house, other options to consider are childproof storage and grinder units. These useful tools hold and grind your product efficiently but aren’t easily opened or handled by little ones. You can also consider using lockable medical bags that are tear-proof, smell-proof, and fireproof.

A Note on Edibles

Edibles more often than not come as gummies these days, so they can be extra-appealing to smaller children. Always keep edibles out of the kitchen and far out of reach for the little ones.

Discussions With Older Children

With older children, especially teenagers, it can help to have a transparent conversation about medical marijuana and its therapeutic applications. Explain to your teen that it is not a recreational drug but one that you use for its medical value. Invite them to ask questions and try to be as transparent as possible about your condition and the benefits of using medical marijuana in lieu of pharmaceuticals.

Remember, too, that discussions may need to extend to other households. When your kids visit other homes, make sure to have a conversation with the other parent and ensure that they are taking ethical and safe steps to secure their own medical marijuana products.

Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Marijuana Today!

Medical marijuana is a medicine like any other and can be safely used in any home given the right protocols.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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