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How to Budget Medical Marijuana

When you have your medical marijuana card in Virginia, you get access to some of the best therapeutic medical products out there. Of course, as with everything of real value in life, medical marijuana does cost money. But, you can make it work so medical marijuana fits into your budget and never breaks the bank. Read on!

Time Your Doses to Optimize Usage

Your monthly supply of medical marijuana will serve you much better when you time your doses. What does this mean? Well, it can mean a number of things. For one, if you take a higher dose at night, it may help you sleep better. Better sleep means better daytime conditions and potentially fewer flareups of your core symptoms.

You can also try to see what your minimum effective dose is, and you might be surprised at how much therapeutic value you can get out of minimal product. Stretching out the timeline a bit throughout the day can help your product go further without compromising your wellness or quality of life.

Eat Some Fats!

You read that correctly! Eating the right types of fats can actually improve the bioavailability of cannabis, because consuming fats stimulates the lymphatic system in your intestinal tract. When you consume fats with your edibles, your body is better able to transport the compounds in your medical marijuana to your bloodstream, so you’ll get more impact out of less product. Both unsaturated and saturated fats can do the job, but animal fats actually do it best. If you are a vegetarian or watching saturated fats for health reasons, never fear— healthier fats like olive oil can still get the job done.

Make Some Lifestyle Adjustments

If you are able, adding a bit of exercise or movement into your routine can help you get more out of your medical marijuana supply! As your endorphins kick in more efficiently and your oxygen uptake improves over time through regular movement, your body will be even more primed to get all the value out of each dose of medical marijuana. Pro tip— medical marijuana can actually enhance the quality of exercise too, making this a perpetual cycle of wellness!

Weigh Your Options

There are many ways in which you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. While you may be used to whole flower, a tincture could serve you just as well but better suit your budget. Consider all your options and see if you can find a product that saves you money while still delivering on health and wellness benefits.

Collaborate With a Certified Doctor

A doctor certified to prescribe medical marijuana in Virginia can give you all the guidance you need to find the right product for you and your medical condition. This will ensure that you don’t waste too much time (or money!) looking for the right fit. Your doctor can also give you advice on doses and alternatives should a product be beyond your price point.

Keep In Mind— Costs in Virginia Will Continue to Go Down!

When the medical marijuana market was established in Virginia, prices were high. However, prices have been going down, and that momentum should continue as more and more Virginians sign up for their medical marijuana cards. Plus, with the possibility that regional dispensaries may be able to expand their market by September of this year, prices should go down even further, making medical marijuana even more affordable for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Marijuana Today Without Busting the Ol' Budget!

With the right tips and tricks, medical marijuana doesn't have to cost a pretty penny, and you can still enjoy everything that is great about this natural product.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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