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New Dispensaries Opening in Lynchburg and Christiansburg Virginia

Do you have a Virginia medical marijuana card and live near Lynchburg or Christiansburg? Well, you’re in luck, as two new dispensaries opened their doors in the region just this month. As the benefits of medical marijuana become more and more widely known and appreciated in the Commonwealth, additional openings are sure to come, spreading more of love and therapeutic benefits! For now, here are all the details on these new locations. Whether you are a senior, a vet, or a soccer mom in the New River Valley, these dispensaries likely have a great product for you!

Homegrown Guidance With Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Virginia divided the state into six Health Service Areas, and each HSA has its own processor specially licensed to work as the sole Pharmaceutical Processor in that region. By doing so, the state ensures the highest quality of products for every medical marijuana product that hits the shelves, making sure it’s carefully cultivated and safe for consumers.

Both of these new dispensaries are part of the growing momentum in cannabis culture in HSA III, accounting for the southwestern portion of the state. These dispensaries are served by Pharmaceutical Processor, Dharma Pharmaceuticals, a homegrown enterprise run by locals who are dedicated to this unique section of the Commonwealth. With these new dispensaries and more to come across VA, medical marijuana is sure to continue its transformative trajectory everywhere in the Commonwealth.

Christiansburg Dispensary Ribbon Cutting

The college town of Blacksburg, Christiansburg, was looking forward to having its first dispensary. The new stoer, located at 1675 Roanoke Street, opened on February 2 and was attended by many local leaders, including members of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. This shows how even successful business people understand the importance of these new cannabis enterprises.

The medical marijuana dispensary in Christiansburg will offer both drive-through and delivery options for certain products, making the purchasing process easier for locals while ensuring that citizens across the New River Valley can enjoy the benefits of this important therapeutic substance.

A Second Dispensary Opens up the Road in Lynchburg!

Christiansburg is not alone in the region, as Lynchburg too saw a launch of a new dispensary site. Realizing the benefits the businesses could bring to the area, the city government loosened restrictions and created amendments in local city ordinances to allow for additional off-site dispensaries.

The new Lynchburg dispensary is located at 1110 Campbell Ave in the heart of the town. Both the Lynchburg dispensary and the Christiansburg shop are operated by RISE, a national cannabis dispensary company that operates 75 locations around the U.S. As with all RISE dispensaries, these new branches offer a wide range of products, including edibles, topicals, whole flower and more!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Today and Head Over to the New Southwestern VA Dispensaries!

Getting your medical marijuana card is easy, and in no time at all, you will be able to enjoy the quality products from either of these new locations!

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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