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Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Being diagnosed with just about any medical condition that disrupts your daily life means that you are qualified to get a medical marijuana card in Virginia. Conditions eligible for treatment with medical marijuana include any chronic or debilitating condition that, in the professional judgment of a physician, might be helped by the use of medical cannabis.

A Virginia medical marijuana card shows that your name has been added to the Virginia Medical Marijuana Registry by a licensed Virginia physician or other healthcare practitioner. Medical marijuana will not be legal to purchase from Virginia cannabis dispensaries near you until 2024. So having a marijuana card is the only way to get legal access to medical marijuana until then.

With a Virginia marijuana card, you can:

1. Buy marijuana from cannabis dispensaries in the State of Virginia

2. Possess quantities of marijuana and marijuana products above the limits on adult-use marijuana in Virginia

3. Consume marijuana and marijuana products in Virginia

A Virginia medical marijuana card is a personal identification card that shows the patient is registered with the Board of Pharmacy in Virginia, and is approved by the Department of Health Professions. When you have a marijuana card, you can purchase medical marijuana at Virginia dispensaries, and you have certain legal protections that you wouldn't have without a marijuana patient I.D. card.

To obtain your medical marijuana card in Virginia, you must be diagnosed by a licensed Virginia physician with a medical condition that the physician deems can benefit from medical marijuana treatment. Our staff at Virginia Marijuana Card is here to simplify the process, connecting you with a certified marijuana doctor online, and filing all your necessary paperwork!

We can’t guarantee medical marijuana approval for anyone, as the cannabis doctor is the only person that makes the determination whether or not a patient qualifies. To make it more likely that you receive approval for treatment with marijuana from the doctor, we recommend that you bring as much information as possible to your appointment regarding your medical condition and past treatments.


However, you do not have to worry as the entire cost of an appointment will be a nominal flat fee if you, for whatever reason, are not approved for medical marijuana by the doctor.

Many Virginia residents want to know how to get a Virginia marijuana card, and if they have a qualifying condition. In order to be eligible for medical cannabis in the Commonwealth, patients must have a condition, symptom or side effect that a doctor believes will benefit from medical marijuana. 


If you have a condition that shows improvement with marijuana use, this is a good reason to consider getting a Virginia marijuana card.


Some conditions may include:


Your application will be processed by the Board of Pharmacy. If your application is approved, you will receive your card within 30 days. Right now, processing times are a bit slow due to patient application volume. However, the Board of Pharmacy is preparing to hire more staff, and medical marijuana applications should be processed more quickly in the near future.

Some marijuana doctors charge an exorbitant amount of money just for an initial examination. We feel strongly that if you qualify for medical marijuana, you shouldn't have trouble accessing it due to cost.

We do our best to work with patients to make Virginia marijuana cards affordable and accessible for everyone. If money is a concern for you, please call our patient support representatives at (888) 633-5808 to see if we can offer a medical marijuana evaluation discount or work out a payment plan that fits your budget.


There is a mandatory Virginia Board of Pharmacy registration fee of $50 as well. 

No. When your card expires, the legal protection offered by the Virginia Medical Marijuana Act is expired. You may still submit your renewal application without having to go through the entire new patient process, but you cannot shop at Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries until you get a new marijuana card.

Once you have obtained a medical cannabis recommendation from a registered marijuana doctor and received your Virginia medical marijuana card, you will be able to purchase products at any of the licensed cannabis dispensaries located throughout Virginia.


Currently, five Virginia cannabis dispensaries are open, and three of them offer medical marijuana home delivery. This means that you can order medical marijuana online at dispensary websites, and have those products delivered right to your door!

Yes. To be protected under the Virginia Medical Marijuana Act, your marijuana must be labeled from one of the Virginia cannabis dispensaries. In order to make legal marijuana purchases in Virginia, you need to be registered as a medical marijuana patient in the state.

For a detailed look at where to find your nearest dispensary, visit our dispensary location master list. Right now, there are five dispensaries open in Virginia, located in Abingdon, Manassas, Portsmouth, Richmond and Salem.


If there is no medical cannabis dispensary near you, check with the one that is closest to see if you live in a medical marijuana home delivery zone. Most Virginia residents are able to order medical marijuana products online and have them delivered.

Patients may purchase up to a 90-day supply per visit at the dispensary. The amount you can purchase will vary depending on the type of product. For example, vape products come with a different limit/weight amount than medical marijuana flower.

Since marijuana is not federally legal, insurance will not cover the cost of the card or product.

The cost of medical marijuana in Virginia will be set by each dispensary. With five dispensaries located throughout the state of Virginia, and a possibility of up to 30, we hope that the competition will keep prices low and affordable.

Registered agents, or caregivers, are individuals who may visit dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana products on behalf of a patient. All registered agents must first register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy before accessing dispensaries.

In order to become a registered agent for a patient, you must apply through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy and pay a $25 registration fee.

Yes. Qualified patients under 18 years of age cannot purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. The legal guardian or parent is required to apply as a registered agent to buy medical marijuana for a minor.

A registered agent may serve no more than two registered patients.

In July, 2021, a new Virginia law took effect prohibiting most employers from taking adverse action against an employee for testing positive for THC when they have a medical marijuana card. This means that patients cannot be fired or written up for using products that contain THC when they are off the clock.


Your employer is still obligated to prevent you from coming to work impaired, however, and having a Virginia marijuana card does not give you a license to get high at work.


Exceptions to employee protections include those working in safety and transportation, as well as Federal employees and contractors.

As of July 1, 2021, it is legal to grow up to four marijuana plants for personal use.

The privacy of our patients is our top priority. We go through great lengths to ensure that all patient information is protected and kept confidential in our HIPAA-compliant file storage system. We will also never share any of your contact information with any third party.

Some patients wonder what are the consequences of getting a medical marijuana card in Virginia, due to long held stigmas surrounding cannabis. Marijuana has become recognized by many as a legitimate medicine, however. So for most patients, consequences are more related to personal beliefs.


Patients living with conditions or symptoms that could benefit from natural relief have plenty of good reasons to get a medical marijuana card today. Give us a call at (888) 633-5808 to get all your questions answered, or schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor online now!

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