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Patients Will Save Money on Medical Marijuana vs. Adult Use in Virginia

Patients Will Save Money on Medical Marijuana vs. Adult Use

Money matters, and most of us have to put a good deal of thought into where our money goes. If you are a citizen of the Commonwealth with a medical marijuana card or someone planning on getting one, you are likely putting in some serious thinking into how much it will cost you. As the ramp up to retail sales in 2024 begins, you might be considering adult use products as an alternative. Medical marijuana, however, will continue to be the more affordable and cost-effective therapeutic cannabis option for Virginians now and in the future.

Therapeutic Benefits: More Bang for Your Buck with Virginia Medical Marijuana

The majority of Virginians who turn to cannabis do so to find relief from symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. While adult use cannabis can provide some of the same relief, it is not created specifically for this purpose.

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is, and marijuana users who turn to medical-grade products will get a better solution for their conditions and associated symptoms. Using adult use products in the same context may leave you spending money on additional medications to pick up the slack!

Quality Control and Medical Marijuana

You are also getting more for your dollar when you go with medical marijuana because of the quality of the product. All medical marijuana produced in the Commonwealth goes through very stringent vetting protocols during the medical marijuana cultivation process. The state has defined some pretty complex QC measures that all producers have to take. If you’re spending the money, you want the higher-grade product, right? Medical marijuana delivers big on value, giving you a luxury SUV in lieu of adult use’s potential lemon!

Prices Coming Down

In the initial months after the launch of the medical marijuana program in Virginia, prices were climbing, and quite a few people had something to say about that! In the months since, however, prices have begun to decline and will only continue to do so as more and more patients sign up for their medical marijuana cards, and more cultivators increase production levels. Prices will also go down for medical marijuana as the market grows and more entrepreneurs enter the space.

Variety in Medical Marijuana

Finally, you get a wider variety of products in the medical marijuana market as opposed to adult use. Medical marijuana dispensaries offer something for everybody, from those new to marijuana to the seasoned experts out there.

You can also find products that are focused on therapeutic benefits rather than getting ‘high,’ which is a huge plus for many users, including seniors, who are using medical marijuana at higher and higher rates. (No pun intended!) Edibles, tinctures, and even topicals also all provide user-friendly ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. All in, the medical marijuana marketplace offers more for your money, so start exploring your options!

Get the Most for Your Money With Your VA Marijuana Card Today!

Medical marijuana delivers more benefits and a wider range of products than adult use products, meaning you just get more on the dollar! Turn to a medical marijuana card today to start saving big on this essential, therapeutic product.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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