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Weekend Warriors: Enhance Your Fitness Routine With Medical Marijuana

Gone are the days of stereotyping cannabis users as lazy couch potatoes. More and more of those who enjoy medical marijuana are demonstrating that cannabis can actually supplement a healthy workout routine. Having a medical marijuana card in Virginia never needs to get in the way of your weekend workout. In fact, the results are in; and they are showing that medical marijuana can bring a lot of value to a fitness routine, making your workouts more intense and beneficial.

The Big Benefits of Working Out With Medical Marijuana

To start with, let's look at some of the benefits you can get out of fitting medical marijuana into your workout schedule. If you're a weekend warrior, what are some of the benefits you can enjoy with medical marijuana? It's a pretty impressive list:

More Frequent Workouts

Feel like you don't hit the gym as much as you like? Cannabis might switch that up for you. A survey conducted by the Brookings Institute and the University of Miami found that cannabis users were often more likely to workout than their cannabis-free counterparts. Cannabis can also have a positive effect on depression, making you that much more likely to get up and out to the gym on time.

Enhanced Workouts

Working out can feel great sometimes... and then sometimes it just doesn't. Integrating medical marijuana into your workouts may make them more enjoyable. A study published recently in Public Health showed that cannabis users were more engaged by their workouts. What could you get done if you were that much more focused on every workout?

Improved Body Image

Body image is an anxiety issue that plagues many of us, regardless of our gender. In the context of working out, a negative body image can stop us from going to the gym or trying out a new sport. Cannabis has been found to have a positive effect on body image, eliminating this pain point that plagues almost three-quarters of the adult population.

Tips for Fitting Medical Marijuana into Your Workout

How can you fit medical marijuana into your fitness routine to get the most out of your workouts? Let's look at some tips.

Getting the Timing Right

Enjoy your medical marijuana before your workout. As listed above, many of the benefits that cannabis brings to working out involve relaxing you for exercise. For this reason, many users like to enjoy medical marijuana before their daily workout. You may want to test the waters and see how long before your workout you want to enjoy your medical marijuana. Once you get the timing right, you'll be able to maximize the potential that cannabis brings to exercise.

In addition to relaxing you and helping you let go of some inhibitions, medical marijuana may enhance the 'high' many people get from exercising. A study conducted in 2004 found that certain endocannabinoids in the brain rose after an intense cardio workout. Since medical marijuana use may stimulate these same components in the brain, your workout 'high' just may start sooner and be that much more intense. Research into this area is ongoing, but a survey run on exercisers who use cannabis showed that 70 percent of users believed that cannabis made their workouts more intense and enjoyable.

Explore Smoking Alternatives

Of course, for those who like to take part in intense cardio workouts, smoking medical marijuana may aggravate the lungs and get in the way of workouts over time. Fortunately, there are a wealth of other high-quality, medical marijuana products that you can use to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, including edibles. You can even help your body relax post-workout by using a THC-infused lotion to relax sore muscles.

Be Smart!

Working out with cannabis comes with benefits, but you always want to ensure that you are enjoying medical marijuana responsibly. Be smart about what exercise routines you enhance with medical marijuana. Going for a run on the treadmill is very different from riding a bike in traffic or going rock climbing, so always make sure you check in with yourself and make smart choices.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card Now!

We all know working out is great for us and maintaining a weekend warrior schedule can extend life, improve the quality of that life, and make us feel happier and healthier. By integrating medical marijuana into your routine, you can get that much more out of each workout, enhancing the life-changing benefits of exercise.

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Check out Virginia Marijuana Card’s Blog to keep up to date on the latest medical marijuana news, tips, and information.


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