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Medical Marijuana Can Help Support Weight Loss!

Using Medical Marijuana for Weight Loss

Every New Year, a lot of us sit down to make our list of resolutions. At the top of many of those lists is a biggie— losing weight. If there were a miracle pill everyone could take to lose 15 pounds in an instant, that would be big business!

Luckily, when you get a medical marijuana card in Virginia, cannabis can be an effective tool in a weight loss plan. That’s right— the stereotype of the couch potato stoner is not necessarily true. With the right game plan and the right product providing support, you can use medical marijuana to supplement your exercise and weight loss goals.

Medical Marijuana as Inspiration for Exercise?

Yes, medical marijuana just may be what you need to get you off the couch or away from the desk and heading for the gym. A study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder looked at the exercise patterns of those who partake of cannabis on a regular basis. What the study revealed was that the majority of cannabis users used marijuana before exercise and that this combination actually resulted in them working out more hours a week.

This may be due in part to the fact that cannabis makes exercise feel better. The same study indicated that 70 percent of cannabis users reported that their workouts were more enjoyable when combined with marijuana. The cause may be the fact that cannabis triggers endorphins in the brain, giving you that ‘runner’s high’ you always hear exercise fans talking about!

Using Medical Marijuana to Eliminate Stress Eating

When stressed out, many of us turn to food for comfort. The disordered eating triggered by stress and anxiety is a leading cause for weight gain in the US. Marijuana has long been known to alleviate symptoms related to a range of mood disorders, including stress, anxiety and depression. By addressing these symptoms, you just may be able to avoid those binge eating sessions you use as food therapy!

Medical Marijuana: The No Calorie Alternative

Weight loss actually involves a pretty simple formula: calories in need to be fewer than calories out. In other words, you need to consume less than you burn.

One reason medical marijuana can be effective as a weight loss supplement is due to the fact that it just has no calories (or very few, in the case of edibles). More importantly, perhaps, when those who have been self-medicating for stress, anxiety and more with food or alcohol turn to cannabis instead, they eliminate an enormous number of calories each day.

A single beer has more than 150 calories, meaning that you can easily total the calories for a full meal after pounding back 3 or 4.

Big Pharma: Not Great for the Waistline

Think that your prescription pharmaceuticals will save the day? Medications are also a culprit when it comes to weight gain, too, unfortunately. This happens in two ways: Pharmaceuticals can affect the appetite center in the brain and trigger disordered eating, but also can affect the way the body distributes fat. Many people who take pharmaceuticals on a regular basis report weight gains. In some cases, these gains can get as high as 10 to 20 pounds in just a few months.

Controlling Appetite with Medical Marijuana

Despite the stereotype of the binge eating stoner, medical marijuana may actually control appetite. Research is ongoing, but a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology showed that regular users of cannabis were less likely to be overweight or obese than non-users.

Why that happens is complex, but some believe it may relate to CBD. CBD has been shown to affect some control on the appetite center of the brain. With a product that balances THC and CBD and creates the famous 'entourage effect', you can get the stimulating effects that drive better performance in exercise along with a finely-tuned appetite center that won’t cause you to overeat.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card and Lose Those Pounds Now!

Medical marijuana can be a very effective tool in your weight loss plans for 2022. By addressing everything from stress to calorie intake, and by providing the extra push you need to get to the gym, cannabis can be a great addition to your fitness plans for the new year and help you shed those frustrating extra pounds.

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