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Seniors Can Improve Their Sleep With Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana for Seniors With Insomnia

We may not talk about it that much, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life— many of us sleep less and less as we get older! Disordered sleep and insomnia often increase with age, leaving many seniors frustrated and exhausted each and every day. For seniors in Virginia, there is an answer, and it comes in a unique package— medical marijuana. Seniors with a Virginia medical marijuana card have access to one of the best and most natural sleep aids out there!

Why Insomnia Happens in Aging Adults

What causes this lack of quality sleep in older people? There are a number of things that factor in. Two of the main causes are the medical and psychiatric conditions that often come with age. Whether it is chronic pain or dementia, these conditions common to seniors can really interfere with sleep.

Seniors may also be on certain medications for conditions that can trigger insomnia. Finally, it is thought that our circadian clocks adjust with age, as well, meaning that our internal alarm clocks can’t keep good time as we get older!

With all this, what’s a senior to do? Turning to the natural remedy of medical marijuana can help.

Medical Marijuana: A Proven Solution for Insomnia!

The science is in on medical marijuana, and the news about insomnia is looking good. A review of studies related to insomnia and cannabis demonstrated that cannabis can be effective in treating a range of problems that happen when we sleep, including insomnia. Another study published in Sleep on those with chronic insomnia showed that medical marijuana taken under the tongue (sublingually) can make a big difference, as well.

On top of all this, medical marijuana has also been shown to treat the insomnia that happens with certain psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression. Given that these conditions are often comorbid with other senior health issues, seniors can get some comprehensive help with medical marijuana!

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Pharmaceuticals

Of course, a go-to for many seniors is the traditional prescription sleep aid. Unfortunately, these mainstream medications often come with some pretty significant side effects, many of which can compound certain cognitive issues that occur as we age.

As an alternative, medical marijuana provides a more natural solution, and one with fewer side effects. With the right dose management and guidance from a certified medical marijuana doctor, seniors can get organic relief for their sleep issues that won’t create more problems than it solves!

How to Take Medical Marijuana for Insomnia

Some seniors might be new to medical marijuana. Which product, therefore, is the best one for you?

Indica strains are often used to treat insomnia and disordered sleep, thanks to their strong sedative properties. Sativa, on the other hand, has been shown to help those suffering from sleep disturbances regularly, and may be the best option for those who experience symptoms related to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Selecting the Best Medical Marijuana for Sleep

How can you choose? Consider doing the following:

Find a Medical Marijuana Certified Doctor

Your first step should be reaching out to the professionals who can guide you best. Schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in Virginia who can recommend the right products for your insomnia. These certified professionals can talk you through your options and make sure you find the product that is the right fit.

Read Virginia Medical Marijuana Product Reviews

Once seniors have their Virginia medical marijuana card, they can review the wide selection of products listed on Virginia dispensary websites or take a look in-person. Virginia dispensary products are often categorized by benefits— in other words, “Get Some Sleep” or “Sleepy.” Look for products listed under these categories to find the ones that are the best solution for insomnia and sleep issues.

Don’t forget to check in with patient reviews of products. More and more seniors are using marijuana and can help guide the way. Other seniors and individuals in the medical marijuana community might share their thoughts and feedback on certain products in the reviews, giving you a way to dial in on your best options!

Get Your VA Marijuana Card for Better Sleep Now!

Missing out on sleep is often inevitable with age, but there are options! You have a natural option on hand with medical marijuana. If you have been experiencing insomnia just as a factor of aging or because of another condition, medical marijuana can help. Our compassionate and informed experts can help you make the right choices for your health.

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more.


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