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The Difference in Therapeutic Benefits Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational

For those new to cannabis, you may be confused about the difference between medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. Why go through the process of accessing medical marijuana when recreational products will be available soon in the state, you might ask. Is there a difference when it comes to their therapeutic benefits? The answer is yes, there certainly are. In fact, the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana far outperform recreational options, making your Virginia medical marijuana card a veritable passport to wellness! Let’s discuss.

THC Levels

People typically hesitate to entertain medical marijuana as a viable medical intervention, most often because they are concerned about getting ‘high.’ Many medical marijuana products, however, have endocannabinoid levels that do not cause any psychoactive effects.

It all comes down to the THC and CBD levels and how they interact. Both of these cannabinoids are essential components in medical marijuana products, but THC is often found at a much lower percentage than CBD. Marijuana that has higher levels of CBD works very effectively on a range of conditions, including inflammation, anxiety and PTSD.

You can get a wide range of benefits from medical marijuana without experiencing any effects you may not want or that interfere with your ability to function.

Access: Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational

In order to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, you need to have safe and consistent access. In the medical marijuana vs. recreational showdown, who shines in terms of access?

Retail sales of recreational marijuana are not set to begin until 2024 or 2023 at the earliest. So, in the immediate future, Virginians need to stick with the medical marijuana route. Some are suggesting that the timeline might speed up, but the election of Youngkin and Republican efforts to change retail sales in the state assembly may slow down the process.

When retail sales do arrive, will it actually offer Virginians any advantages in terms of access? Retail options might offer a much narrower range of products. These products may emphasize THC over CBD, which as discussed, is not the best option for every user.

Medical vs. Recreational: Quality

Quality is another big differentiator between medical marijuana and recreational, especially in Virginia. Virginia has some of the strictest standards for cultivating and producing medical marijuana products, which translates to a very high-grade product. It also means you know what you’re getting! These carefully created products are most often grown indoors in monitored and controlled environments. This monitoring process involves watching how many chemicals, including pesticides, are used to create the end product.

Consumers who want a safer and purer product would be wise to go the medical marijuana route in the Commonwealth!

Medical Applications

It’s very clear that medical marijuana offers much more precise and effective ways of treating a range of medical conditions based on the extensive research done on the medical applications of these products. The medical marijuana community is also very engaged; reviews on dispensary websites can give you a number of insights into how effective certain products are with different conditions. Working with a certified medical marijuana doctor allows you to start the process with informed advice, getting the best relief possible. With recreational marijuana, your search for relief might just be a whole lot of trial and error.

Take Advantage of the Therapeutic Benefits of Medical Marijuana With Your VA Marijuana Card Today!

You can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana with a Virginia medical marijuana card.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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