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11 Great Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Enthusiast in Your Life

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The holidays are quickly approaching and, for many of us, that means a mad dash in search of some presents. When one of the people on your holiday list is someone with a Virginia medical marijuana card, there are a lot of fun and unique gifts out there that you might want to try.

These last-minute gift ideas come with a lot of appeal for the cannabis fan and include a wide range of products in various price ranges. After going through this list, you might even be interested in getting a medical marijuana card yourself!

1. The Gravity Bong

The ultimate luxury gift for your number one medical marijuana fan, the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser features a 360° rotating glass design propelled by kinetic motion and water displacement. Opposing airflow technology and the power of gravity delivers smooth and consistent draws, while the sleek design and look will make it a showpiece in any room.

This is an investment piece, but one that will make you a hero during the holidays. Your medical marijuana user can connect their own smoking or vaporization device via a 14mm male port or use an optional 3-foot silicone hose.

2. The Smart Infusion Device

Got a baker on your list who is also a fan of cannabis? One notch down in terms of cost from the gravity bong but as impressive, nonetheless, is the LEVO II smart infusion device. This automated machine allows your medical marijuana user to dry, activate and infuse their favorite herb for a long list of infused edibles, including butters, oils, honeys and more.

Your industrious chef or baker can transform their favorite strain for use in brownies, candies, or gummies or even use the byproduct to create home-made salves. Everything is automated and easy, thanks to intelligent time and temp controls. If you want to take things to the next level, invest in an extra Power Pod so your loved one can infuse at twice the strength via two pods at once.

3. The OTTO - Smart Grinder and Rolling Machine

Did someone say ‘automatic cone making machine?’ OTTO did, and they’ve delivered a slick and easy smart grinder for milling and filling cones. Whether you start out with sticky and wet material or a dry pile filled with stems, you can generate a perfect cone in no time with a single push of a button.

Your medical marijuana fan will never waste product again and can enjoy draws that are smooth and free of air pockets. Made from aerospace-engineered aluminum, this product looks good and is built to last, as well, making it an impressive gift for anyone on your list. Don’t forget to include an extra supply of Banana Bros. premium cone-shaped sachets!

4. The Smell Proof Crossbody Bag

The style setter on your holiday list will love the look and functionality of this crossbody Skunk bag. One hundred percent smell proof thanks to a maximum potency carbon filter, this stylish bag comes with a combination lock, double waterproof zipper, and multiple interior pockets.

Carbon filter lining on the front pocket adds that much needed layer of smell protection, giving your recipient an easy and secure way to travel around Virginia with their favorite medical marijuana product.

5. The Apothecarry Case

Got someone on your list who likes things organized and looking professional? The Apothecarry Case is a slick and very presentable way for a medical marijuana user to store and organize their cannabis products. This sleek case features a built-in humidifier, a sectional organizer layout and a lock-and-key design that keeps products private and safe at all times.

6. The Next Level Lighters

If you are looking for a more affordable option for your favorite medical marijuana fan, look no further than some of the “next level” lighters available today. This E-Lighter from Humble & Fune makes lighting up anywhere fast and easy, while this inverted lighter allows your loved one to light from any angle. These options far outperform your average disposable lighter and make for perfect stocking stuffers.

7. The Next Level Grinders

Grinders can go ‘next level’ too and come in an array of designs these days. Your always on the go medical marijuana user will get a lot out of this pen-style grinder. Someone looking for a more permanent addition to their home might like the GR8TR V2. This grinder features two plates so that the user can select the right level of fineness in the grind. This unit also breaks down into a smaller unit that you can tote around easily.

8. The Coffee Table Book

Everyone loves a coffee table book, right? This publication from Gestalten documents everything chic and cool in the world of cannabis today and will make a great centerpiece on any coffee table. “High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture” is the ideal gift for your medical marijuana fan who loves design, architecture, style or just looking good.

9. The Cannabis-Scented Perfume Oil

Malin & Goetz has built a solid reputation out of their high-quality self-care and beauty products. Adding a cannabis-scented perfume oil to their lineups ensures their inclusion on many a cannabis fans’ holiday wish lists.

This roll-on perfume oil features floral notes mixed in with the rich and spicy scent of cannabis and balanced out with cedarwood and patchouli in the base. It’s also one of the most affordable items on this list, making it that much more appealing for you, too!

10. The Multi-Tool

The Doob Tool is a multi-tool so complex it might as well be called a multi-multi tool. Customized specifically to the needs of medical marijuana and cannabis users, the Doob Tool features everything from a dabbing tool to fold-out scissors and an herbal brush. It all comes in a tidy, smell-proof design. An added bonus? The cover pops off to serve as a prep tray!

11. The Printed Organic Rolling Papers

Last but not least, check out these printed, organic rolling papers for the person on your list who loves the personal touch and fresh buds! The range of prints and designs available from Papers and Ink means you’ll find a fun look for almost anyone on your list.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card Now!

This list should get you over the hump and help you find the ideal gift for any medical marijuana user amongst your family and friends. These presents are so fun they might even inspire you to get your own medical marijuana card, if you haven't already!

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more.


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Check out Virginia Marijuana Card’s Blog to keep up to date on the latest medical marijuana news, tips, and information.

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