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Recreational Cannabis Legalization at Risk, Seed Giveaways Continue

The election in November was a shock to the system for Virginia, knocking the Dems out of the governor’s mansion and swinging control of the Virginia Assembly back to the Republicans. Virginians who have their medical marijuana cards have taken note, and many are wondering about the future of legalization in the Commonwealth. While medical marijuana is most likely safe, one Virginia man has taken interesting steps recently to ensure that cannabis spreads far and wide in Virginia for a long time to come!

The Johnny Appleseed of Cannabis

Jonathan Zinski spends the day working as a customer service representative for a major corporation in the Commonwealth. When he gets home at the end of the day, however, he hangs up his suit and tie in exchange for work clothes and heads out to his fields just outside Lynchburg, where he maintains a small hemp farm. It’s not his work with hemp, though, that has led to him being called the Johnny Appleseed of Cannabis. Instead, it has been his efforts to spread cannabis seeds far and wide that have earned him this unique moniker.

A Gray Area

With the advent of legalization, Zinski noticed a small problem in the legislation; while it was now legal to possess cannabis in Virginia, citizens were only allowed to get seeds if they received them as gifts. This gray area meant that many individuals who might want to legally plant cannabis on their property would not have access to seed.

This is where Zinski decided to step in. Working in partnership with The WellNest out of Roanoke, Zinski collected seed donations from major cannabis businesses around Virginia, then arranged to dispense these seeds for free on a first come first serve basis to any and all who came by on November 19. The turnout was humongous, and some estimate that Zinski gave away seeds totaling $500,000 in value.

Spreading the Love through Giveaways

This isn’t the first time he has given away seeds, either. In fact, Zinski gave away his first collection of free seeds back in July, shortly after legalization went into effect.

Why go through all this effort to spread seeds across the Commonwealth? Zinski says he hopes to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy legally growing cannabis in Virginia. Currently, private individuals are by law allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household, provided they are correctly labeled and hidden from public view. It is Zinski’s hope that encouraging cannabis growth through these free giveaways will convince more and more Virginians of the benefits of cannabis.

An Uncertain Future

This is especially relevant these days, in light of the election. Many cannabis activists in the Commonwealth are worried that the new Republican administration may turn against the cannabis revolution in the state, doing anything from reversing recreational use to eliminating equity and social justice initiatives that were central to the original cannabis legislation.

Medical marijuana is likely safe, especially given its support in increasingly diverse sectors that include seniors and veterans. Recreational use may, however, be under threat, and activists will be waiting and watching to see what steps the administration and assembly take.

In the meantime, Zinski is likely to continue his merry mission of spreading the cannabis love across the Commonwealth. With the efforts of happy activists like him, cannabis and medical marijuana are sure to have a long and prosperous life in Virginia.

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