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Washington DC Extends Medical Marijuana Access to Virginia Patients

Virginia Marijuana Card Holders Can Now Get Cannabis Products in DC Dispensaries

Virginia patients who suffer from a variety of qualifying conditions now have another motivating factor to get their marijuana card. Washington DC has extended its reciprocity to Virginia, meaning that you can now visit a dispensary in the nation’s capital and access all the products that are available in the district.

Virginia Medical Marijuana - A Slow Rollout

The slow rollout of the medical marijuana program in Virginia has been a result of incredibly restrictive regulations that create barriers to availability and access.

The state requires that dispensaries also take the role of producer. This means that they must be vertically integrated to manage everything from seed to sale in-house. Additionally, legislators restricted the number of producers to five.

In a state with more than eight million people spread out over more than 40 thousand square miles, five producers seems like a prohibitive limit that doesn’t actually support a robust medical marijuana program.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Virginia Seeing Progress in 2021

The Virginia medical marijuana program recently expanded legal access to include flower, and there is a recreational marijuana bill awaiting signature from Governor Northam.

However, flower will likely not be available at Virginia dispensaries for some time. And recreational marijuana laws may not take effect until 2024 as the bill is worded right now. The holdup on the bill is probably a result of efforts to move the effective date closer, but there are currently no guarantees about when this will happen.

Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Now Open

Current Virginia medical marijuana law allows up to five dispensaries to operate in the state, but one dispensary dropped out of the program. The Virginia dispensary locations that are up and running have a varying supply—most with a modest selection of vape, edible, and topical products.

Beyond/Hello - Manassas

8100 Albertstone Cir

Manassas, VA 20109

(703) 420-4021

Dharma Pharmaceuticals - Bristol

500 Gate City Hwy #460

Bristol, VA 24201

(276) 644-6400

gLeaf - Richmond

804 Decatur St.Building 30

Richmond, VA 23224

(804) 554-0080

Columbia Care - Portsmouth

4012 Seaboard Ct.

Portsmouth, VA 23701

(757) 315-6808

Virginia Medical Marijuana Patients Can Visit Washington DC Dispensaries

There are currently seven medical marijuana dispensaries open in DC, and they all offer reciprocation for patients who have a Virginia marijuana card. DC dispensaries have a wider variety of products available than Virginia dispensaries, including flower in multiple different strains.

For some residents with a Virginia marijuana card, heading over to DC may be a closer drive than going to the dispensary designated for their zone.

Getting Medical Marijuana in DC When You’re a Virginia Resident

In order to get medical marijuana in DC, you just need to have a marijuana card from a state with which the district reciprocates. It’s that simple.

However, driving back into Virginia may be a bit more complicated. Technically, it is still illegal to cross state lines with your medical marijuana, because it is considered a Schedule I controlled substance at the Federal level.

So, you have two choices for how to handle your medical marijuana purchase when you visit a DC dispensary:

  1. Consume it all before you go home.

  2. Take the risk of driving home with medical marijuana from out of state. The legality may depend on the discretion of an enforcement officer if you get caught with it.

A Virginia marijuana card does not completely protect you if you are bringing medical marijuana products from out of state. However, Virginia has decriminalized marijuana. So the worst that can happen if you get caught with an ounce or less by an officer who performs their job properly, is a $25 fine—which may or may not be worth the potential extra cost for you.

If you decide to take your products back to Virginia after a visit to a DC dispensary, then make sure you have your Virginia marijuana card with you, drive carefully, and store your stash in a sealed, locked container in the trunk of your car.

Getting a Virginia Marijuana Card is the First Step Toward Feeling Your Best

When you have a Virginia marijuana card, you can legally access medical marijuana at dispensaries in Virginia and DC, finally getting natural relief for a number of qualifying conditions.

Give us a call at (888) 633-5808 to get your questions answered, or schedule a Virginia medical marijuana evaluation appointment online today!


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