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Tinctures: What Are They and How Can Medical Marijuana Patients Use Them?

You have your medical marijuana card in hand and you are ready to start enjoying the therapeutic relief that comes with medical marijuana! What now? Which products are right for you? Tinctures are one easy-to-consume option that work well for many medical marijuana patients in Virginia. What are tinctures and how can you use them? Let’s find out!

What Are Tinctures?

Tinctures are oil-based products administered via droppers and stored in glass bottles. Think of a face oil you might have in the bathroom cabinet; that's close to what these products look like.

Tinctures are created by extracting cannabinoids from the marijuana plant using heat over time. The process most often involves soaking the plant and infusing it with alcohol, which extracts the plant’s terpenes and leaves behind active compounds in liquid form. The bottles and droppers used to administer tinctures are typically dark in color, which help preserve the compounds in the liquid.

How Do I Take Tinctures?

The most common way to take tinctures is sublingually, which means “under the tongue.” A few drops are administered with the dropper just under the tongue, allowing the body to absorb the tincture pretty quickly.

You can also use a tincture by adding it to a favorite food or drink. This allows the body to absorb the compounds in your medical marijuana via your digestive tract, which can make the effects more profound and longer lasting.

Why Choose Tinctures?

Tinctures are well loved by medical marijuana patients because of how easy they are to consume. They also provide a healthier alternative for individuals who have lung or respiratory issues and do not want to smoke or vape medical marijuana. They are also absorbed more quickly by the body than edibles, oftentimes, allowing patients to feel almost immediate effects.

Choosing a Tincture

Tinctures can come with a strong taste, so be prepared for this! Many medical marijuana patients enjoy the taste and aroma of tinctures. You can learn more about particular products and their features related to taste and smell by reading the reviews on any products.

These reviews can also give you some important clues into how the tincture might help your various symptoms. Virginia’s dispensaries also categorize all products by their effects. For example, if insomnia is one of the symptoms you want to address with your medical marijuana tincture, you will see various products listed under “Get Some Sleep” or “Sleepy.”

Tinctures are some of the best products on the market today, giving medical marijuana patients a relaxing way to benefit from medical marijuana that does not require any additional accessories or smoking. If you have your Virginia medical marijuana card, consider incorporating these useful products into your medical marijuana regime today!

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