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  • Olivia Castro

Patient Testimony: The Vape Cartridge Dilemma

Relocating from the West Coast to a land of Buckeyes was, well, educational. Aside from parting ways with my favorite surf-n-turf hang, I literally went from a recreational marijuana state to a zero-tolerance, no-fly zone. Had family not beckoned, I wouldn’t have budged. But, she did, and here I am.

As a seasoned consumer and successful business entrepreneur of medical marijuana, I take my cannabis, and craft, very seriously. I render equally as serious the quality, purity and overall safety of the marijuana patients consume, as well as the products they use to do so.

Oil-filled cartridges (carts) and vapor pens have become the go-to session method for many medical marijuana users. It’s my personal favorite.

Marijuana Oil Cartridges Rising In Popularity

With the sharp increase in THC cart popularity and sales, 2020 also saw an uptick in vape user emergency room admissions, lung tissue damage and breathing disorders, all due to ingesting harmful chemicals and cutting agents often found in cheap, knock-off carts that are mass-produced and unregulated. A toxic combination that led to national raids and legal crack-downs on careless cannabis companies pedaling poison to uneducated and unsuspecting consumers.

Adding to the potential risk is that smokable flower just became legal in the state of Virginia which limited patients to oils, concentrates and tinctures, among other cannabis products.

Avoid The Black Market

The safest way around the fake cart dilemma is to obtain a medical marijuana card and become a member of a local co-op that carries the medicine you need. Obtaining carts via any other means is just too risky. Qualifying medical marijuana patients often find cannabis dispensaries prove to be the first line of defense against imitation and poorly made carts that do more harm than good. Become a medical marijuana patient

I always play it safe by sticking with my legal med-tenders and you can too! I confirm the products have been vetted and are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from lab tests that reveal the ingredients and manufacturing process of the cannabis I’m about to consume. Something my lungs always thank me for later.

If you have a qualifying condition and are interested in obtaining your Virginia medical marijuana card, give us a call today at (888) 633-5808 to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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