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Study Shows Most Cannabis Consumers Have Little Product Knowledge

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A recent study reveals that daily cannabis consumers still have poor product knowledge. The University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan teamed up to create a 24-question survey for cannabis consumers to complete, asking them various questions relating to their knowledge of cannabis. The questions were centered around their knowledge of THC, CBD and proper dosing.

Of the 500 participants, two-thirds said they use cannabis daily. Of those surveyed, 85% claimed to use cannabis for medicinal benefits, 78% said that they obtained the most of their knowledge from their own experiences, 23% obtained information from cannabis caregivers or from dispensary bud tenders, and 18% received information from their physician.

Many of the respondents lacked knowledge pertaining to CBD and what levels are considered high or low doses. This was also true for THC. Of those surveyed, many were unaware of proper dosing of THC strains or how much is an effective dose.

Although the study surveyed only a small group of cannabis consumers, it is clear that cannabis patients need more information regarding cannabis products. Cannabis education is extremely important in states where medical cannabis is legalized to help treat specific medical conditions.

Most patients tend to get their information from their own experiences or friends. However, having a base knowledge of how cannabis works in the body can go a long way when it comes to treating your qualifying condition!

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