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Medical Marijuana and OCD

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Did you know that medical marijuana may be an effective treatment option for patients that suffer from OCD? A recent study reveals that cannabis may be used by patients who are clinically diagnosed with OCD or suffer from related symptoms.

A recent study by the Journal of Affective Disorders revealed that after inhaling cannabis products, symptoms of OCD were significantly reduced. The study sampled 87 individuals with OCD and journaled all of their behaviors such as compulsions, intrusions and anxiety before and after medicating with cannabis.

The results:

Over the 31 months that the study was conducted, patients reported a 60% reduction in compulsions, a 49% decrease in intrusions and 52% of the participants reported less anxiety after medicating with cannabis.

Things to note:

Higher doses of CBD in conjunction with THC may be responsible for increased results with this group. Those who used higher amounts of CBD in conjunction with THC yielded larger reductions in compulsions. Although there was no placebo in this study, past research with a placebo group also has revealed positive results of decreased anxiety when using cannabis for OCD related symptoms.

Keep in Mind:

Although there is little scientific research for treating OCD with medical marijuana, this study has revealed that it is an effective treatment option for controlling the symptoms of OCD. If you or a loved one suffer from OCD and are willing to experiment with cannabis to control your symptoms, you may consider trying strains with small amounts of CBD present to treat the anxiety and compulsions associated with your condition.

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