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Medical Marijuana vs. Pharmaceuticals: Which is Best for Your Symptoms?

MMJ Vs. Pharmaceuticals: Which is Best For Your Symptoms?

Pharmaceuticals had a powerful effect on the last 50+ years of medicine, providing many with relief for a variety of medical conditions. Did you know, however, that medical marijuana is increasingly seen as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, providing symptom relief without many of the side effects?

Whether you are treating chronic pain or depression, chances are you can use a medical marijuana card in Virginia to access a natural, efficacious alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

What Should I Choose? Medical Marijuana or ‘Traditional’ Meds?

Given your condition, which is best for you and your symptoms? There are three core issues to consider when thinking about any medication: efficacy or how well it works, the side effects commonly associated with that medication, and how quickly you can find relief.

Medical Marijuana Vs. Traditional Pharmaceuticals: Efficacy

The first question anyone might have with any medication is simple: Does it work? With medical marijuana, the science is looking good in terms of efficacy. In a study conducted in Denmark on cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, over 65 percent of patients polled said that cannabis was much more effective than traditional pharmaceuticals at treating their conditions, ranging from chronic pain and arthritis to depression.

In a separate study, 80 percent of those with chronic pain stated that substituting medical marijuana for traditional pain medications provided them with better symptom management. While results can vary from condition to condition, it seems clear that medical marijuana is a real answer for a range of common medical conditions.

Medical Marijuana Vs. Traditional Pharmaceuticals: Side Effects

In the same Danish study cited above, an enormous 85.5 percent also said that medical marijuana’s side effects were much easier to handle than the side effects that came with their pharmaceuticals. With medical marijuana you get something that works and a lot less hassle, it seems!

One serious side effect that presents with some pharmaceuticals—especially painkillers and opioids—is addiction. In fact, experts are increasingly recommending medical marijuana as a viable alternative to opioids that can actively reduce addiction to and reliance on those painkillers and that it may be one of the best ways out of the opioid epidemic. Considering the other social benefits of medical marijuana, you could say it’s as powerful on the macro scale as it is in treating your personal condition!

Medical Marijuana Vs. Traditional Pharmaceuticals: Rapid Onset Relief

Finally, you always want to consider how quickly you can find relief with medication. Medical marijuana creates immediate effects in many patients, reducing symptoms right away.

In a study conducted at the University of New Mexico on cannabis and depression, patients with depression experienced relief from symptoms within 2 hours or less when using cannabis. Antidepressants on the other hand, can take weeks or even months to build up in the system and generate results. Patients in this study also rated their improvement on a scale of 1 to 10 with an average 4-point increase.

All of these issues come together to make medical marijuana a powerful answer for a range of conditions. Common medical problems currently treated by medical marijuana include:

If you have any of these conditions, chances are medical marijuana can help, giving you a faster, safer, and more natural way to address core symptoms. Consulting with a certified medical marijuana doctor can provide the guidance you need to make the transition. They can talk through your symptoms with you and help you assess how medical marijuana can serve as a viable alternative to current medications.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card Today!

Medical marijuana may well be the answer you need for your medical condition. With this all-natural product, you can treat your symptoms without running the risk of many of the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. Plus, you get fast and natural help!

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor in Virginia today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more!


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