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  • Jennifer Betz

Medical Marijuana Use Among Senior Citizens On the Rise

Many People 65 and Older are Taking a New Look at Cannabis

If grandma seems to be smiling even more than usual when she hugs her grandkids these days, it may be more than just the joy of seeing her family after a year in isolation. Seniors all over the US are getting vaccinated for protection from getting COVID, but they are also enjoying the mental and physical health benefits of legal cannabis in record numbers these days.

One study indicated that cannabis use among older adults had risen by 75% between 2015 and 2018, when medical marijuana programs began gaining popularity. The pandemic no doubt has driven increased interest as well.

Having access to medical marijuana gives seniors more natural options for treating conditions that cause chronic pain, Parkinson’s, irritable bowel syndromes, anxiety and depression, and they are hopping on board.

Older Adults Revisiting Younger Days With Cannabis

Many older adults who have been turning to cannabis in recent years are familiar with the plant from their younger days, when use was illegal, taboo, and off-limits to even discuss. Think about it: The counterculture hippie movement reached its peak nearly 50 years ago.

Droves of young people marched for justice and to end the Vietnam war—and they also smoked marijuana to cope with the ills society dealt, to manage the emotional pain of a country facing turmoil and growth, and of course, to have a little fun while they were at it.

The very same people moved on in their lives to build careers and have families, shedding the stigma of using cannabis the only way they could. By quitting. Pretty recently in history, finding a good job that didn’t perform random drug testing was nearly impossible. And marijuana use among parents is still frowned upon in some circles. Especially in states where it is illegal in all forms.

65 and Free to Be: Smashing Stigma Associated With Cannabis Use for Good

The thing that many still do not know, is that medical marijuana offers a number of natural therapeutic benefits. Lawmakers and doctors are acknowledging this fact by making it legal to use cannabis to manage the symptoms caused by a long list of qualifying conditions.

Seniors are learning this anew, as they search for ways to avoid opioids for chronic pain. They want more natural forms of treatment, and it is driving them to revisit cannabis.

When the elders of a community embrace something new, it generally gives people an opportunity to reexamine their position. And medical marijuana is no exception. If your parents and grandparents are feeling great because of plant medicine, stigma starts to fall away.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today, and Start Getting the Relief You Deserve at Any Age

If you are an adult who suffers from any of the qualifying conditions outlined by the state of Virginia, you can legally obtain medical marijuana as soon as you get a Virginia marijuana card. We are here to help, with staff that are happy to answer all your questions, and doctors who understand the best uses of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

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At Virginia Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to MMJ. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

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