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Getting to Know Virginia Dispensaries: Which Companies Are in Charge?

If you are a Virginian with a medical marijuana card, you know that you need to register with the state and go to your regional dispensary to purchase your medical marijuana products. What you may not know is exactly which companies are running these local dispensaries. Are they local, Virginia-owned companies or larger enterprises? Turns out it’s a combination of both!

Health Service Area 1

This Shenandoah Valley region is still going without! While a regional medical marijuana manufacturer was lined up for HSA 1 right after legalization, the deal fell apart, leaving this part of Virginia without any dispensaries for now. This should change in the near future, so stay tuned! The Board of Pharmacy has initiated a Request for Applications to serve the region, and conditional approval for a new processor should happen soon.

Health Service Area 2

HSA 2, which covers the very busy and very populated region of Northern Virginia, is covered by Dalitso LLC, dba Beyond / Hello. This locally-owned and run Virginia company was recently purchased by multi-state conglomerate, Jushi Holdings. While it’s no longer an exclusively Virginian company, it is one of the best run operations in the state, with a large facility in Prince William county and dispensaries across the region, including one in Sterling, Va.

Health Service Area 3

HSA 3 was originally in the hands of Dharma Pharmaceuticals, another Virginian company. Unfortunately—or fortunately for them!—their story was similar to Dalitso’s in HSA 2. They were quickly bought up by multi-stater Green Thumb Industries, who operates the popular chain of Rise dispensaries across the country. The company runs four dispensaries as of this writing, including locations in Abingdon, Christiansburg, Lynchburg and Salem.

Health Service Area 4

For those citizens of the Commonwealth living in or around the capital of Richmond, Green Leaf Medical is your partner and regional distributor when it comes to accessing safe and legal medical marijuana. This multi-state organization also runs businesses in Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Current dispensaries in Virginia include locations in Richmond and Glen Allen, VA.

Health Service Area 5

Columbia Care rounds out this list, representing the fine folks of Health Service Area 5 in and around the Eastern Shore region of the Commonwealth. Columbia Care is one of the biggest medical marijuana operations in the U.S., maintaining locations in 17 states, including the District of Columbia. This company prides itself on the seasoned professionals it employs, including experts from the fields of medicine, healthcare, and law. Its HSA 5 headquarters are situated in Portsmouth, and they currently operate two dispensaries in this region.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card and Experience Relief ASAP!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana and find a dispensary in your region? Medical marijuana is a safe and legal option for Virginians looking to address symptoms associated with a wide range of diseases. Your first step is consulting with a doctor who can give you the recommendation you need to access this natural product.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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