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Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Offering Home Cannabis Delivery!

Get medical marijuana delivered to your door in Virginia!

Get medical marijuana delivered just about anywhere in VA with the click of a button!

There are currently only four medical marijuana dispensaries open in Virginia, so residents have naturally been a bit hesitant to bother with getting a marijuana card. Sure, there’s at least one dispensary covering all four(ish) corners of the state, but what if you live in Lynchburg? In that case, Beyond/Hello in Manassas is the closest dispensary—2 hours and 45 minutes to the east.

It may be easier to just stick to your illicit market connection even if their product quality and availability leaves something to be desired. At least your guy delivers. More than you can say for these dispensaries, right?

If you live too far to bother driving to the nearest dispensary every time you run out of cannabis, you might feel discouraged about your lack of access. However, getting medical marijuana in Virginia is easier than you think!

Three of the four dispensaries in the state offer home delivery of cannabis products, and their coverage goes way farther than your local Marco’s Pizza. This means that everyone in Virginia, from Bristol, to Chesapeake, to Harrisonburg and everywhere in between can get a wide selection of medical marijuana products, including edibles, vape products, topicals, and eventually flower, delivered right to their doorstep with the click of a button.

In addition to expansive delivery zones—and pick-up locations for those who live outside of the delivery zone—at least one new medical marijuana dispensary should be opening in the near future. And each of the four that are currently open have been granted licenses to open five more locations in VA.

Let’s take a look at which dispensaries deliver to your region, and what you can get delivered to your home. But first, let’s clear up one major misconception about adult-use legalization coming up on July 1, 2021.

Adult-Use Marijuana Will Not Be Legal to Sell Until 2024

Some Virginians have decided that they are going to hold out until adult-use marijuana becomes legal to possess on July 1. Unfortunately, the new law going into effect does nothing to increase actual access to recreational marijuana products until 2024.

Medical marijuana dispensaries will be the only new dispensaries between now and 2024. You will still need a Virginia marijuana card in order to make purchases.

Which Virginia Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Deliver?

Three of the four dispensaries currently deliver, and they cover the entire state of Virginia between them.

Abingdon - Dharma Pharmaceuticals

Dharma Pharmaceuticals, located in Abingdon, offers a pretty decent selection of products including vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, and even suppositories.

Vapes are labeled as Calm, Energy, and Focus, with no specifics on strain. THC concentration tops out at about 64% for their Calm 21 vape formula. Gummies generally have somewhere close to 9mg of THC, and 5 - 6mg of CBD. Dharma’s oils are gentle, at just over 3mg of THC and 2mg of CBD per dose.

To be quite honest, Dharma’s inventory is not particularly impressive. However, their delivery area is HUGE, serving just about everyone east of Harrisonburg.

Manassas - Beyond/Hello

Beyond/Hello serves Manassas, Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, Centreville. The delivery area does not cover a wide geographical area, but it does offer delivery to the local region.

This dispensary has a more diverse selection of products than Dharma, because it offers items manufactured by the other producers in Virginia. At Beyond/Hello, you can buy vape products from Dharma, as well as GLeaf’s vape cartridges in specific strains like Death Star, Ghost OG, and 3 Chems.

Beyond/Hello in Manassas also carries GLeaf’s live rosin extracts, and Dharma’s edibles, topicals, oils, and suppositories.

Richmond - GLeaf

GLeaf in Richmond has the largest delivery area out of all the dispensaries in Virginia, and it also makes/carries the most diverse selection of products.

GLeaf delivers to everyone east of SR 81. The only stipulation is that Rochester only has delivery available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and Danvill only has delivery on Sunday and Wednesday.

For those west of SR 81, you can still get products from GLeaf, but you’re going to have to drive a little. You can order from GLeaf and pick up your products at the designated time at the Fairfield Inn in Staunton (114 Crossing Way), or the Roanoke CVS at 2712 Peters Creek Rd.

It may be worth working it into your schedule, though, because GLeaf has all the variety. This dispensary offers fun extracts like Ghost OG pull n snap coming in at 77 percent THC, and Lucky Cheese shmatter at 71 percent THC.

There are 33 different vape strains, fun edibles, and fast-acting topical salves as well.

You Can Only Get Marijuana Delivered to Your Door if You Have a Virginia Marijuana Card!

No matter where you live in Virginia, you have access to medical marijuana delivery as long as you have a Virginia marijuana card. Even though adult-use marijuana will be legal to possess starting on July 1, there won’t be anywhere to legally purchase marijuana until 2024.

And convenient, safe access to legal cannabis is not the only benefit to having a marijuana card in the Commonwealth. There are also protections for employees who test positive for THC at their workplace when they have a card, and medical marijuana is tax free because it is classified as a medicine.

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