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Using Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD in Virginia

For a while now, individuals with PTSD have been turning to cannabis for help with symptoms. In Virginia, those with medical marijuana cards can work with a certified doctor and leverage medical marijuana to manage their PTSD. What is the best approach, and how can you use medical marijuana for your PTSD? Let’s start by discussing the core symptoms of this complex disorder.

The Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD affects many Virginians, ranging from the mom next door to veterans of all ages. While the condition manifests differently in each patient, there are some core symptoms associated with the disorder. What are common symptoms associated with PTSD? Symptoms of PTSD can include:

  • Intrusive memories that cause emotional distress and physical reactions

  • Avoidance of people and social settings

  • Negative change in mood or thinking

  • Changes in arousal, such as getting startled easily or being constantly on guard

In addition to these core symptoms, about 80 percent of individuals with PTSD have depression or anxiety, as well.

How Medical Marijuana Helps PTSD

While research continues, initial studies into the impact of medical marijuana and its effects on the symptoms of PTSD are positive and in keeping with what patients have said anecdotally in the past. One way in which it is believed that medical marijuana impacts PTSD is in how it impacts serotonin and dopamine levels in the brand.

PTSD itself alters activity in the amygdala, where fear conditioning takes place. These same effects are seen in the prefrontal cortex, which handles emotional regulation, and the hippocampus, which is in charge of memory consolidation. All of this combines to create the common symptoms of PTSD, including impulsivity, insomnia, nightmares, and recurring flashbacks.

When introduced to the system of someone with PTSD, medical marijuana increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the midbrain, resulting in reduced stress. Patients, as a result, also end up with better coping skills and reduced remission rates, overall.

Managing Your PTSD with Medical Marijuana

How can you use medical marijuana to manage your PTSD? Here are some tips that can help!

Shop by Product Category

Virginia dispensaries often list products under helpful categories that let you know the most common effect of that product. For example, products may be listed according to certain "Activities" that they support or under specific "Feelings" they are intended to produce. Exploring your medical marijuana options in this way can help you zero in on the product that best addresses your needs.

Here are some recommendations:

  • For anxiety, look at "Ease My Mind" or "Relaxed" products

  • For insomnia, look at "Get Some Sleep" or "Sleepy" products

  • For chronic pain, look at "Get Relief" or "Pain Free" products

And that's just the short list. With the wide variety of quality medical marijuana products available in Virginia, you will be able to find an approach that answers directly to your personal symptoms.

Read Product Reviews

Reading product reviews is helpful, as well; many members of the medical marijuana community provide useful insights into products and their effects by sharing their own first-hand experiences. Especially if you are new to medical marijuana, these shared stories can help you learn what works best for your situation.

Consider the Best Way to Integrate Medical Marijuana Into Your Life

There may be certain medical marijuana products that work better for you and your lifestyle, as well. While some people might prefer the soothing ritual of smoking medical marijuana, still others might enjoy the convenience of edibles like gummies. Find the product that integrates well into your life to easily relieve stress, anxiety, and more.

Choose the Right Physician

Finally, working with the right certified physician is important, too. Doctors with experience and informed insight into how medical marijuana impacts PTSD can help you access the care you need. While opinion in the medical community is shifting, there are still physicians out there who tend to stay with the traditional pharmaceutical approach. Going with a certified medical marijuana physician can help you develop a treatment plan that works well, delivers a holistic solution, and addresses PTSD symptoms in a way pharmaceuticals might not.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card Now!

Both science and the personal experiences of those with PTSD show that medical marijuana is a great way to handle the symptoms of this anxiety-based disorder. If you are ready to explore how medical marijuana can offer relief for your PTSD, get in touch with one of our certified doctors today. They can guide you through the process and get you on the road to healing.

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more.


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