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Using Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Make You Lazy—And Other Cannabis Myths Debunked

Myths may have been great cautionary tales around the fire millennia ago; but they can kind of get in the way in modern life—especially when it comes to medical marijuana. If you are one of the many Virginians with a medical marijuana card or are interested in getting a Virginia medical marijuana card, you may be dealing with some of these myths yourself. These misconceptions about cannabis can get in the way, preventing people from benefiting from its many therapeutic properties. So let’s smash some of these myths, shall we?

Myth #1 Medical marijuana turns you into a couch potato.

Nope, not true. Not a bit. In fact, cannabis has been found to be a motivator for those who exercise. Yes, you read that correctly! A study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder found that cannabis users exercised more frequently than their non-user counterparts and actually enjoyed exercise more, too! So, no— medical marijuana won’t turn you into a couch potato. In fact, it might help you get more out of exercise.

Myth #2 Medical marijuana is addictive.

This is a pretty serious one, and an issue to take into real consideration. The truth is this: Cannabis is far less addictive than most pharmaceuticals used widely in medicine. As we’ve all witnessed in the last several years, opioids, which were enormously popular prescription drugs in the mainstream, created an epidemic of serious and destructive addiction.

Cannabis is addictive in only very limited scenarios, and it comes with few of the dangerous side effects that many mainstream painkillers or antidepressants come with. In fact, many turn to medical marijuana as a safer option for treating pain or depression.

As for the assertion that marijuana is a potential ‘gateway’ drug, that’s been debunked as well. A report conducted at the Institute of Medicine found that there was no causal link between marijuana and more serious substances.

Myth #3 You have to smoke it, and I don’t like to smoke!

Smoking medical marijuana is just one way to take this holistic and effective substance. Studies have shown, too, that it is far less harmful than tobacco. If smoking is not your bag, however, there are many other options available to you at your regional Virginia dispensary.

Gummies and other edibles, for instance, give you a much easier way to consume medical marijuana. There are also topicals and tinctures to consider, each of which have their own assets and are easy to use. By consulting with a certified medical marijuana doctor and reading reviews from other patients, you can zero in on a product that works for you and involves no smoking at all!

Myth #4 Medical marijuana is a drug, and I don’t take drugs!

What do you mean by drug? Do you mean a dangerous, synthesized and/or foreign substance? For one, all prescribed medications are ‘drugs’; if you mean a banned substance, public policy is now catching up with what has been long known— that cannabis is a safe and therapeutic drug with multiple applications in the medical space.

Plus, it’s a natural substance that integrates well with the body. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana interact and stimulate the endocannabinoid system in the brain. In some ways, you might say cannabis was designed to help the human body!

Myth #5 Medical marijuana makes you dull and ‘stoned.’

Medical marijuana does not zone you out and turn you into a stoned out, ineffective person. Actually, marijuana can drive greater creativity and productivity. Moreover, in many use cases involving medical marijuana, getting ‘high’ or stoned is not the goal or result. You can experience the benefits of medical marijuana without getting high or stoned, especially with products that are high in CBD.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card, Get Healthy, Get Focused, and Lose Those Pounds Now!

Medical marijuana has a lot of misinformation working against it, and it's time to tear those notions down! By working with a certified medical marijuana doctor, you can enjoy a better life with medical marijuana thanks to its many healthful benefits.

Give the patient support team at Virginia Marijuana Card a call at (888) 633-5808, or simply schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more.


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