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Growing Your Own Marijuana in Virginia—How to Stay Legal

How to Stay Legally Compliant When Growing Medical Marijuana

With the majority of Virginians behind legalization of marijuana in the Commonwealth, there was a lot to be happy about when legalization passed the State Assembly earlier this year. While many were looking forward to more opportunities to use their medical marijuana card and access safe and vetted medical cannabis, still others were excited by a smaller bit of information in the bill— the fact that Virginians can now grow marijuana at home.

Of course, not everyone is crystal clear on exactly what the legislation says about home-grown marijuana plants. How can Virginians stay legally compliant when growing medical marijuana at home in the Commonwealth? Let’s take a look.

The Number of Plants

As a first consideration, Virginians need to make sure that they limit themselves to just four plants per household so that they stay within the parameters of the laws related to home cultivation. That is “per household,” not per person. In other words, if you have three adults in a household, you are still limited to 4 plants and cannot grow, for example, 12.

What constitutes “one” plant? A plant with a single stalk growing out of the ground. This stalk will have several branches off of the central stalk, but it is that central, single stalk that defines it as “one” plant.

The Location of Your Home-Grown Cannabis

There are also strict limitations on where you can grow your home-grown cannabis in Virginia. According to the legislation, Virginians must grow their marijuana at their primary or main residence. In other words, you cannot use your neighbor’s yard to grow your own marijuana for personal use.

Your plantings must also be hidden from public view. Someone walking by on the street should not be able to view your plantings easily, in other words, without actually entering your property or, say, looking over a wall. All plants must also be tagged with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your Driver’s license number or state ID number

  • A notice that the plant is being grown for personal use

Those who rent properties have to be careful, according to many Virginia cannabis advocates. Virginians who do not own their own private residence but instead rent from a landlord or company should first confirm with their landlord as to whether or not they can grow on a rented property.

In a rental that involves a shared space, such as an apartment building, renters should also consider that their neighbors might take offense and file a complaint with a landlord, which could lead to a warning or violation. Finally, renters should review their lease for any restrictions related to smoking or illegal substances. If a lease restricts smoking, for example, you may not be able to enjoy your home-grown marijuana even if you are able to grow it.

Age Restrictions

Anyone with children in a home needs to take extra precautions when growing marijuana at home in the Commonwealth. Legalization is only valid for adults 21 years of age or older. As such, anyone growing marijuana at home must take special precautions to ensure that underage residents of a home cannot access the plantings. This can take the shape of a locked and gated off area or a locked greenhouse, for example.

Barriers to Use

Finally, there are strict barriers on how any marijuana grown at home can be used. Marijuana grown at home must be for personal use only, and it is entirely illegal to benefit financially from your home plantings. You cannot sell or distribute your home marijuana to your friends. This includes the plant’s seeds, clones, or any part of the plant. You can share up to one ounce of your marijuana, provided there is no exchange of goods or money for the cannabis.

Medical Marijuana – The Safest Alternative

Given the many restrictions on home growth and the complexities involved, many Virginians might benefit from getting their medical marijuana card and bypassing a home project. Medical marijuana cards provide access to safe and vetted cannabis products, whereas growing at home does not. Additionally, medical marijuana products have been thoroughly tested for impact and effect, meaning that you know exactly how a medical cannabis product will impact you.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card Today!

While growing a home patch of marijuana may seem like a fun adventure, getting your own Virginia Marijuana Card gives you safe and legal access to a range of high-quality cannabis products. With your own medical marijuana card, you will be able to enjoy medical marijuana products that can help with a wide range of conditions without going through the trouble of monitoring a potentially problematic home patch.

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more. You’ll be able to enjoy medical cannabis along with the many Virginians who are beginning to understand the many benefits of this natural product.


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