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Medical Marijuana Can Take Your Fitness to the Next Level in 2022!

How to Meet Your Fitness Goals in 2022 With Medical Marijuana

Every year when January arrives, millions of us take stock and decide to get in better shape. While setting fitness goals for the New Year is a tried and true tradition, fitness is changing big time in 2022 as more and more fitness enthusiasts turn to medical marijuana for help.

Wait— what’s that you said? You can meet your fitness goals with… medical marijuana? Yes, you can. Absolutely. You may even find more success meeting those goals with your Virginia medical marijuana card in hand.

So what exactly is going on when medical marijuana and exercise combine, and how can you use it to reach your fitness goals?

Use Medical Marijuana to Increase the Amount of Time You Exercise

One common stereotype many have about cannabis is that it turns you into a couch potato. In fact, the opposite might well be true!

A recent study out of the University of Colorado Boulder has turned this paradigm on its head. Inspired by the fact that cannabis users have a lower prevalence of obesity than non-users, researchers began looking into the exercise patterns of those who use cannabis regularly. Turns out that four out of five cannabis fans use marijuana right before exercise; additionally, individuals who combined cannabis and exercise actually ended up working out more, week after week.

Use Medical Marijuana to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

One reason so many of us drop out of new exercise programs soon after the new year is that we just aren’t having fun. Once the novelty wears off, it becomes difficult to stay engaged with exercise.

In the University of Colorado study, 70 percent of cannabis users who used it before a workout reported that it made the exercise session more enjoyable. Experts believe this may be due to an increase in endorphins. Imagine how much being psyched could help your workouts!

Use Medical Marijuana to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety Associated with Workouts

For many of us, going to the gym can be a stress or anxiety-inducing prospect. We might think we’re not fit enough, not wearing the right clothes, or just not good enough! Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. You’ll feel much more at ease in a public workout space and more likely to work out consistently.

Use Medical Marijuana to Increase Mind-Body Awareness

Elite athletes have reported that using cannabis before a workout can enhance mind-body awareness. This translates into better coordination, meaning that you may be able to follow those Zumba moves after all! Medical marijuana can also increase focus and concentration in these settings so that you get that extra bit more out of each session.

Use Medical Marijuana to Address Pain and Discomfort

Working out brings with it a lot of positives, but one negative is the fact that it can downright hurt! Especially when you are new to exercise or when you are trying to reach ambitious goals, exercise can put the body through a lot of strain. Medical marijuana is a great analgesic and will help your body heal better during rest periods while also making it easier to get through those workouts when you’re feeling a bit worse for the wear.

Get Your VA Marijuana Card and Make a Fit 2022 Happen Now!

You don't have to drop your fitness goals after a few weeks this new year. With medical marijuana helping you increase your drive, engagement, and skills during exercise, you can find yourself fitter and happier than ever in 2022!

Schedule an appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor today, to start gaining access to safe, legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more.


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