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Loudon County Students With a Doctor’s Recommendation May Soon Get Medical Marijuana For School

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

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An existing state mandate that addresses the administration of THC and CBD oils to students by school staff in public schools is currently under consideration for implementation in Loudoun County, a wealthy, DC commuter community in Northern Virginia. If implemented, the policy would allow public school staff to administer the prescribed substances to children who have a medical marijuana card and written certification to use the substance.

Implementation at the County Level

What exactly is happening in Loudoun County? The school board is seeking to create actionable, medical marijuana policy for public schools. The existing language on the books of the Virginia state code, which was part of the legislation that legalized medical marijuana in the Commonwealth last year, states only that school and health department employees should be protected from prosecution when storing or administering THC-A or CBD oil.

These policies, however, only come into play at the county level if and when individual school districts create and implement policies related to the administration of medical marijuana.

If a school district wishes to enact the policy, the school board in that county has to draft its own policies related to the administration of the substances and put it up for vote. This has already occurred at many large and influential counties around the state, including Fairfax County. If Loudoun County follows suit, it will continue the trend of accepting medical marijuana as a safe therapeutic intervention for children enrolled in public schools.

The proposed draft of the new policy in Loudoun County approves only the administration of THC-A and CBD Oils, leaving the larger category of ‘marijuana’ as prohibited.

CBD and THC-A Oils: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Extracted from Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa, CBD oil contains some of the cannabinoids present in cannabis but does not incur psychoactive responses. When used commercially, CBD oil is often mixed with another, inert oil, such as coconut oil.

Understanding what THC-A oils are may be even more important, since many know that THC is actually the substance that gets people 'high.' THC-A, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is actually a separate, inactive compound found in the cannabis plant. THC-A oils are known to offer a number of medicinal benefits, serving as an anti-inflammatory, an antiemetic, and even a neuroprotective substance, according to some research.

Children and Prescribed Oils

While these products are now being prescribed for a range of adult conditions, progress has been slower within the pediatric community, owing in large part to the stigma associated with medical marijuana and restrictions related to testing medical marijuana substances on children.

Over the last decade, CBD and THC oils have become increasingly popular therapeutic interventions, nonetheless, for children with some disorders. As of this writing, the FDA has approved the use of one CBD product, Epidiolex, for use in the treatment of seizures associated with some types of epilepsy. This FDA approval extends to any patient older than the age of 1.

Additional studies have also shown that CBD can have a positive effect on other common childhood conditions, including anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research into CBD’s applications with autistic children is ongoing, but a recent study published in the Neurology Journal showed anecdotal improvements in communication and behavioral problems for those with autism.

Another study done on adults with ADHD showed that a CBD/THC compound had a positive effect on symptoms related to this condition. Given how many diagnoses of ADHD exist amongst pediatric patients, this could eventually be yet another use case for CBD or THC with children.

While these products are now being prescribed for a range of adult conditions, progress has been slower within the pediatric community, owing in large part to the stigma associated with medical marijuana and restrictions related to testing medical marijuana substances on children.

Loudon County: Working Issues Out

Loudon County has been the sight of many recent protests and conflicts, related to everything from trans identity to history lessons related to race. While surrounding counties, including Fairfax County, have already adopted similar policies to the one now under consideration in Loudon, its adoption here would be an important signal to other, more conservative districts in Northern Virginia and beyond.

Discussions around the issue are just beginning. According to John Beatty, a member of the Loudoun County School Board, the board is not likely to take a vote on the matter until December at the earliest. Whether or not the policy passes a vote, remains to be seen, but will likely have a long-term impact on policy moving forward.

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