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How Medical Marijuana Can Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

Medical Marijuana How It Can Improve Your Overall Health

You can use medical marijuana to treat your condition and so much more!

Residents of Virginia who qualify for a marijuana card are having a lot more fun getting healthy throughout 2021 than they ever have before. The medical marijuana program is finally expanding, and high-quality, accessible cannabis products to support your overall wellness are available at Virginia dispensaries and for home delivery!

Medical Marijuana is Legal to Purchase in Virginia and its Health Benefits are Clear to Virginia Doctors and Lawmakers.

You need to have a marijuana card in order to legally purchase cannabis in Virginia before 2024, but getting one is easy. There is a long list of conditions recognized in Virginia as treatable with cannabis, and doctors are able to recommend medical marijuana for any condition they think would improve as a result of use.

Four Benefits of Including Medical Marijuana in Your Wellness Plan

You might need to have a specific condition in order to get a Virginia marijuana card in the first place, but those who have one may use their cannabis products to treat their conditions and boost their wellness. Here are the top four effects that cannabis may have to support your long-term overall health:

1. Medical Marijuana May Reduce Inflammation

Your immune response is often the cause of inflammation in your body, and chronic inflammation may lead to a litany of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system to regulate a wide range of bodily functions, including those of your immune system. Some studies indicate that cannabis reduces inflammation related to immune response, and types of inflammation associated with certain cancers.

2. Cannabis Can Help You Get Moving

Most people will come up with any excuse they can think of to get out of exercising. Staying too late at work, needing to run an errand, being too sore, anticipating being too sore. The list goes on and on.

The truth is that It’s challenging to prevent boredom and monotony in workouts, and it’s difficult to feel motivated when you are judging yourself or in pain.

Cannabis won’t lace up your tennis shoes for you and force you out the door, but it could take away some of the barriers to a more active lifestyle.

Recent research suggests that people who use cannabis may be more physically active and less obese than those who abstain. One hypothesis about why this could be true is that medical marijuana helps reduce pain and allows users to get out of their heads about exercise.

3. Medical Marijuana Can Help Anxiety

Anxiety can cause major health problems, including increased risk of stroke and heart attack, inflammation, and insomnia.

While cannabis makes some people more anxious, it helps others focus on what’s right in front of them and forget about the things that are stressing them out. If medical marijuana helps alleviate your anxiety, it could contribute to a foundation for better health for years to come.

4. Cannabis May Help You Sleep

Between 10 and 30 percent of adults in the United States suffer from chronic insomnia, but even experiencing the occasional sleepless night takes its toll. Medical marijuana may help you get the rest your body needs to repair and recover from the stress of the day.

While current studies are still somewhat inconclusive, preliminary results suggest that cannabis high in CBD concentration may be the key to a good night’s sleep for those who suffer from sleeplessness due to insomnia, chronic pain, and some types of sleep apnea.

Why Virginians Should Consider Cannabis for Their Wellness

In addition to the ways cannabis can benefit your overall wellness, there are dozens of other reasons Virginians are raving about the Virginia medical marijuana program and the products available.

Virginia Medical Marijuana is High-Quality and Safe

When you shop at a Virginia dispensary, you’ll find a constantly expanding variety of cannabis products, including edibles, vape pens and cartridges, topicals and tinctures. Flower will also be coming to Virginia dispensary shelves, probably by the end of Summer.

The extensive variety is more exciting than a wall full of salt water taffy in a Virginia Beach souvenir shack. Even better, everything has been tested in a certified lab to ensure products are pure and accurately labeled, and you will always know precisely what you are getting.

Most People Don’t Mind Medical Marijuana’s Side Effects

The side effects that come as a result of using cannabis are often milder—and more pleasant—than those that come with more traditional prescription medications. With a little trial and error, you can usually find a treatment strategy that helps you feel more in control of your own health.

Getting a Virginia Marijuana Card is Simple!

Getting a medical marijuana card in Virginia is simple. The list of qualifying conditions is long, and doctors can also recommend medical marijuana for any condition they believe cannabis would help improve.

Virginia Marijuana Card makes the process easy with same-day telehealth appointments that take about 15 - 20 minutes. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to get an evaluation from the comfort of your own home, our dedicated staff are here to answer your questions six days a week, and you can follow up with our doctors as many times as you need in order to fine-tune your treatment plan.

Get a Virginia marijuana card today to support a healthier tomorrow!

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