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Governor Northam Signs Adult-Use Legalization Bill Day After 420

Adult-Use Legalization Finally Signed in VA

“Seventy-one days ... but who’s counting?” - Northam quipped as he signed the VA adult-use marijuana bill.

The governor's signature wasn’t actually necessary, because both chambers of the VA legislature approved the bill, but it was still a nice ceremonial marker for the last year of Northam’s term. At 4:20 PM on 4/20—World Cannabis Day—he invited Virginia residents to “tune in on Wednesday [4/21/2021] at 2:00 PM for a joint press conference,” and we are sure the pun was intended.

The bill took effect immediately after it passed, but it won’t begin to matter for law enforcement purposes until July 1, 2021. People who qualify for a medical marijuana card in Virginia have been protected since they obtained their authorization—and there are still plenty of benefits to having one—but let’s take a quick look at the timeline for adult-use legalization.

What Happens on July 1, 2021?

Beginning on July 1, 2021, it will be legal in Virginia for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. It will also be legal for adults 21 and over to cultivate up to four marijuana plants for personal use, as long as the plants are properly labeled, out of view of neighbors, and locked away out of reach for anyone under 21.

Misdemeanor records for possession with intent to distribute records will begin to automatically be sealed so they can no longer be used against job applicants.

When Will Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin in Virginia?

For people without a medical marijuana card, it will not be legal to purchase marijuana in Virginia until 2024. That’s when dispensaries will be licensed to sell recreational/adult-use cannabis products.

This means that distributing marijuana is not legal, and there is nowhere in the state to legally purchase it unless you have a qualifying condition and a valid Virginia medical card. In other words, you are protected if you possess cannabis, but getting it is another matter entirely.

How Can You Get Legal Cannabis in VA Right Now?

The only way to get legal cannabis in VA right now, is to get a medical marijuana card. Once you have one, you can walk into any dispensary in Virginia and purchase a range of products including tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Flower was recently approved for sale in VA dispensaries, and it should be hitting the shelves in the near future.

Besides being able to legally purchase marijuana before 2024, having a medical marijuana card has other benefits as well. Northam recently signed legislation protecting people employed at Virginia businesses who have a medical marijuana card, you have access to high-quality products that are regulated for purity, potency, and labeling, and your medicine is tax free.

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