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Glaucoma and Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Many Virginians with glaucoma have turned to medical marijuana for relief, signing up for medical marijuana cards so that they can access this natural remedy whenever needed. With 2 percent of the population affected by glaucoma and as many as 8 percent of seniors, it’s no wonder that many Virginians are seeking relief.

How does medical marijuana help patients in Virginia? You might not know it, but glaucoma was actually one of the first conditions approved by the legislature for treatment by medical marijuana. Let’s walk through everything medical marijuana can do for patients with glaucoma and look at its history in the Commonwealth.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Patients With Glaucoma

With glaucoma, patients develop intraocular pressure that manifests as chronic pain. By taking medical marijuana, patients are leveraging both an anti-inflammatory and a medication with proven efficacy when it comes to treating pain.

A systematic review of in vivo studies concluded that CBD in partnership with THC work as anti-inflammatories. Medical marijuana’s influence on chronic pain is well-documented, as well— individuals from veterans to seniors all have turned to it for its analgesic properties. THC in particular interacts with the body's natural cannabinoid receptors to reduce the signaling that triggers pain. You can see how, in the context of glaucoma, this makes medical marijuana the ultimate one-two punch!

Recent research into medical marijuana and glaucoma is even more promising. A study conducted in 2018 showed that the medication may not only reduce intraocular pressure but also provide the eye with “neuro-protection” against further damage to the optic nerve.

Glaucoma and the Virginia Legislature

Virginia began making accommodations for patients with glaucoma a lot earlier than you might think. In fact, the Virginia legislature passed a law back in 1979 stating that doctors who administered medical marijuana to patients with glaucoma (and cancer) could not be prosecuted.

Glaucoma patients were, therefore, groundbreakers in many respects. The momentum continued well into the 90s, when a more conservative legislature tried to reverse this original law. It remained in place, however, and glaucoma patients continued to enjoy the benefits of this natural medicine until full, adult-use legalization in 2021.

How to Take Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma

Not only does medical marijuana work, but it works in almost every way possible to treat the symptoms of glaucoma. Studies show that patients can find relief no matter how they take their medical marijuana. Smoking flower, ingesting edibles or even taking tinctures all work to offer relief. Patients with glaucoma can choose a medical marijuana product based on their own needs and lifestyles!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card to Treat Glaucoma Symptoms Today!

The Future is Bright For Glaucoma Patients in the Commonwealth! If you are interested in exploring how medical marijuana can provide relief, get in touch with a certified doctor right away. You don’t have to smoke to enjoy the benefits of this natural medication!

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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