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Best Reviewed Dispensary Products in Virginia

Are you in possession of a Virginia medical marijuana card and on the lookout for the latest and greatest products? We’ve put together a list of some of the best reviewed dispensary products in the Commonwealth. Whether you are an edible fan or a whole flower devotee, the quality products below deliver big! Take a look at these top-rated products, and head over to your favorite dispensary to start exploring your options!

Lab Wedding Cake

Lab’s Wedding Cake disposable pen contains 62.94% THC and has garnered an overall rating in the mid four stars, with 58% of those ratings at one dispensary coming in at 5 stars. For one, medical marijuana patients who have submitted reviews on the product cite its great taste. It also gets rave reviews for its mellowing effects. This disposable pen is listed under “Ease my mind” in large part, and is cited as inspiring “Blissful” and “Relaxed” feelings.

SeChe Fine Flower

SeChe’s GMO fine flower also earns ratings in the four-star and five-star range. With THC levels at 25.99% and CBD at 0.06%, this flower product regularly earns the label of “best flower in VA” and “top-shelf flower” from reviewers. Depending on the dispensary at which one buys the product, the processing can leave the flower a bit dry. That aside, most reviews come in as raves, stating that it tastes good, is of high quality, and provides sustained and reliable relief to chronic pain.

SeChe Sour Banana

SeChe also gets full marks for its Sour Banana pre-roll product. This 22.20% THC product delivers big on smooth taste and provides significant pain relief while also assuaging symptoms related to anxiety. Fifty-one percent of reviewers at the Sterling dispensary gave it a 5-star rating, while 33 percent have it four stars.

Tasteology Blueberry Calm II

These tasty little gummies from Tasteology are some of the best reviewed edibles in the Commonwealth right now. With 5.9 mg of CBD and 5.3 mg of THC, Tasteology’s gummies are great for treating insomnia and also get rave reviews for pain relief. While some users see a difference when taking this edible on a full stomach, most medical marijuana users also cite its pleasant smell and great taste in their positive reviews.

gLeaf Koffee

This sativa extract live rosin from gLeaf gets great reviews for its taste and its ability to take the edge off feelings of stress or anxiety. This rosin product contains 62.60% THC and 0.14% CBD. Despite its higher THC levels, it is said to deliver a very mellow effect, making it perhaps a good THC option for those who usually tend towards CBD products.

Yocan Evolve Plus

If it’s gear you are on the lookout for, you may want to check out the Yocan Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer. It’s pocket-size body makes it easy to tote, while a 1100mah battery and Evolve plus coils deliver the best tastes. Reviewers seem to love its affordable price point, as well as its long-lasting battery and ability to handle any concentrate thrown its way.

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