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Virginia's Hazy Marijuana Climate: Guidance for Employers in 2024

Virginia has entered a transitional period regarding marijuana laws that leaves many employers unsure of their rights and responsibilities. Medical marijuana has been legal since 2020, but the planned rollout of recreational adult-use keeps getting pushed back, creating a confusing landscape. Here's what Virginia businesses need to know in 2024.

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

First, it's important for employers to understand Virginia's current medical marijuana program. Approved patients with qualifying conditions can legally obtain marijuana products from licensed dispensaries after receiving a written certification from a physician.

While federal law still considers marijuana an illegal controlled substance, Virginia's law offers some workplace protections for registered medical marijuana patients. Specifically, the law prohibits discrimination against employees for their lawful use of marijuana products pursuant to the state's medical program.

This means Virginia employers cannot fire or refuse to hire someone simply for their status as a lawful medical marijuana patient. However, the law still allows employers to have policies restricting the impaired use of marijuana at the workplace or during work hours.

So while Virginia employers must make reasonable accommodations for offsite medical use, they can still enforce policies prohibiting impairment and possession on company premises or during work duties. Regular drug testing policies also remain enforceable.

Navigating this nuanced approach requires updating substance policies and practices as needed. But overall, having a current medical marijuana card does offer some statutory workplace protections in the Commonwealth.

Recreational Marijuana Delays

Originally passed in 2021, Virginia's law was slated to permit recreational adult-use sales starting January 1, 2024. However, that target date has been pushed back amid concerns from Governor Glenn Youngkin's administration and a rewrite of legislation to incorporate revised regulations.

Reports now indicate the earliest adult-use sales will begin is 2027 at the earliest, depending on how long it takes to restructure the legislation and establish a legal market framework. For the time being, only medical use remains legal.

So what does this mean for employers? In short, Virginia employers do not yet need to account for any broad legalization of recreational marijuana in their workplace substance policies and procedures. The rules applying to registered medical marijuana patients still stand.

Companies should stay tuned for further developments, as lawmakers continue working to establish a commercial adult-use program. Once sales eventually begin, there will likely need to be workplace policy adjustments. In the interim, experts recommend Virginia employers take this opportunity to review their drug policies through a few key lenses:

  • Impairment vs. Use: Policies should focus on impairment at work rather than off-duty use or metabolites that can linger after impairment subsides. Unclear wording conflating the two can expose companies to legal risks.

  • Medical Carve Outs: Explicitly allow exceptions to accommodate registered medical marijuana patients' off-site, responsible use per state law.

  • Drug Testing Adjustments: Traditional urine tests can be unreliable indicators of recent use versus weeks-old remnants. Policies should explain marijuana testing methods and confirm impairment through objective observation.

  • Job Risks: Identify any positions where even offsite use could create a direct safety hazard, and set clear impairment rules as needed.

Ultimately, subject matter experts emphasize the goal should be ensuring workplace safety through impairment prevention – not policing private, legal behavior. "The key for employers is moving away from rigid zero-tolerance policies that ban any use or metabolites and instead focus on impairment during work hours and safety-sensitive positions," said Jonathan Hancock, an employment attorney at Sands Anderson.

Looking Ahead 

While Virginia's indefinite pause on recreational sales brings a temporary reprieve for employers, the overall legal shift surrounding marijuana is clear. More states are embracing legalization each year.

So rather than cross that bridge when they reach it, businesses would be wise to start examining their policies, handbooks, job descriptions, and testing procedures now. Those proactive steps can help prepare for Virginia's inevitable entry into permitting adult-use marijuana.

And for companies operating across multiple states, consistent policies allowing for local nuances are essential. Legal experts advise having workplace impairment rules that can accommodate emerging marijuana laws across different jurisdictions.

Virginia's piecemeal legalization rollout creates challenges for businesses. But reviewing policies through a lens of personal autonomy, workplace safety and legal compliance can help steer the right course through this hazy landscape.

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