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Adult Use Marijuana Legal to Grow on July 1—Where Can Virginians Get Cannabis Seeds?

Virginia Group to give out marijuana seeds to celebrate adult use legalization

Recreational cannabis is legal to possess and grow on July 1, 2021, but the party invitation comes with fine print.

Anyone closely following the progression of the Virginia marijuana laws over the last year or so is acutely aware of the fact that what should be a major day of celebration—July 1, 2021—has been stunted by technicalities and complications.

Starting tomorrow, adults in Virginia can legally possess marijuana, but there is nowhere to legally purchase it. Early in the process of understanding the new VA laws, it looked like anyone with a green thumb could get around this complication by simply growing their own marijuana plants at home.

However, the solution is not quite as simple as it may seem. Further clarification of the adult use law reveals that it is illegal to sell marijuana seeds in Virginia, and Federal law prohibits carrying seeds across state lines. So for now, it seems the only legal way to conveniently get access to legal cannabis is to get a Virginia marijuana card.

One loophole in this whole mess, is that marijuana seeds and plants can be gifted among Virginia adults. The exchange cannot involve money or traded items, and it must not take place in public.

Virginia Marijuana Justice Giving Out Free Marijuana Seeds

Virginia Marijuana Justice, co-founded by Adam Eidinger, Sonia Ballinger, and Virginia veteran Michael Krawitz, will be hosting educational events where attendees can learn about growing their own cannabis and receive a free packet of marijuana seeds on July 1.

The educational piece of the events will take place in public, and it is unclear how attendees will get their seeds; but you can get more information by visiting the organization’s website and signing up to participate.

There may or may not be more seed giveaways in the future, but you probably want to make time to attend the Great Commonwealth Seed Giveaway event on July 1 if you live in or near Henrico, Arlington, Charlottesville, or Stuart. Once you have your seeds, you can start legally growing your own marijuana plants in your home or back yard!

Access Legal Cannabis Now With a Virginia Marijuana Card

If you are not into driving to one of these events on a sweltering, muggy, possibly stormy day, then waiting for your plants to mature and the harvested buds to cure, then there is another way for you to get access to cannabis before 2024.

Getting a Virginia marijuana card will allow you to shop at any of the four operating dispensaries, and most people in Virginia live in a home delivery zone for one or more of them as well.

Virginia residents are often surprised to find out how easy it is to qualify for medical marijuana in the Commonwealth, with a recently expanded list of qualifying conditions that covers most long-term or severe symptoms and conditions.

Give Virginia Marijuana Card a call at (888)633-5808 to get all your questions answered, or simply make an appointment for a marijuana evaluation online with one of our compassionate healthcare professionals today!

The adult-use laws in Virginia are full of confusing nuance, but medical marijuana in the state is straightforward. When you have a card, you can purchase, use, and possess cannabis safely and legally. Until adult-use marijuana is available here, we’ve got you covered!


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