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How to Become a Registered Agent in Virginia

What Is a Registered Agent?

Registered agents, or caregivers, are individuals who are authorized to visit licensed Virginia dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana products on behalf of the patient. 

Patients who are physically unable to visit dispensaries, like those in assisted living facilities or those who rely on home healthcare providers, qualify for having a registered agent. Registered agents ensure that patients can still have access to medical marijuana treatment.

Who Can Become a Registered Agent in Virginia?

A registered agent can be a patient’s spouse, family member, close friend or nurse. If the patient is a minor or an incapacitated adult, a parent or legal guardian can register and receive a certification to purchase medical marijuana on behalf of the patient.

Registered Agent Medical Marijuana Virginia

How Do I Become a Registered Agent for a Virginia Medical Marijuana Patient?

In order to become a registered agent, the patient must designate a caregiver and request that they purchase on their behalf. The registered agent must then apply for registration with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

There is an initial registration fee of $25. The registered agent status will be valid for one year before expiration and the annual renewal fee is $25.


Can a Registered Agent Serve More Than One Patient in Virginia?

​Yes. An individual can serve as a registered agent for no more than two patients. 

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