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Virginia’s Synthetic THC

Synthetic THCs, such as Delta-8, are now good to go in Virginia. While nothing close to the quality you can get when you use your medical marijuana card in Virginia to purchase dispensary products, synthetic THCs nonetheless provide a stopgap for some as Virginia continues to figure out recreational sales.

What Are Synthetic THCs?

Synthetic THCs are lab-produced products derived from the hemp plant that artificially create some of the effects of the natural cannabinoids found in marijuana. These synthesized compounds are most commonly sold as edibles or cartridges in the Commonwealth. These are similar in design to some of the edibles or concentrates you might see in a dispensary but without the carefully vetted quality or natural benefits, of course! They are sold in specialty stores, by and large, but a few intrepid convenience stores started carrying them a while back as well.

Legislative Ups and Downs for Synthetic THCs

Some legislators have expressed concern that these synthetic THCs are not carefully vetted enough and could pose a danger to the community. Only recently, some legislators moved to initiate an all-out ban on the products, including Delta-8, in Virginia. Many edibles are packaged in “candy” style packaging, making them potentially hazardous for children.

The new budget bill includes language that confirms the legality of synthetic THCs. What has changed? They will now have to adhere to a moderate number of regulations and engage in some lab testing. Marketing efforts for these products must avoid all branding that could appeal to children.

Why the shift? A number of Virginia’s farmers are hemp farmers, that’s why! They grew very concerned when the Assembly moved to ban these hemp products; these regulations provide a healthy middle ground that addresses public safety concerns while also allowing Virginia’s farmers to thrive.

A Temporary Fix for Retail Marijuana Chaos

What’s clear is that the legislature in Virginia will remain mired in conflict over the retail, adult use market for the time being. This step in ok’ing synthetic THCs is a small step. For now, anyone wanting to enjoy recreational marijuana will have to wait, use less effective and less regulated synthetics or see if one of their conditions qualifies them for a medical marijuana card!

Synthetic THC vs Medical Marijuana

How do synthetic THC and medical marijuana compare? Not too favorably. Medical marijuana is a carefully regulated and thoroughly tested product; while synthetics now involve some regulation and testing, they cannot compare to the rigor you see in the medical marijuana industry's cultivation process.

Synthetic THCs are also not cultivated to soothe specific symptoms or generate certain effects. It’s “hit or miss” with synthetic THCs, in other words, and customers can’t always know what they’re getting. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is cultivated for specific traits, and processors work hard to ensure that specific products deliver very specific results.

Finally, synthetic THCs are just not as impactful as medical marijuana. There is no lab on earth that can replicate the power of cannabis, whose cannabinoids provide a natural counterpart to our own endocannabinoid systems!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card and Enjoy the Best Product Virginia Has to Offer!

You can have a good summer with your medical marijuana provided you respect the rules and act with discretion! Summer is here, so go out and enjoy, provided you have your medical marijuana card with you!

Your first step is consulting with a doctor who can give you the recommendation you need to access this natural product.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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