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The New THC Restriction Bill: What Does It Mean If It Passes?

Are you someone with a Virginia medical marijuana card who keeps an eye on what’s happening with the law? Well, there has been a good deal of upheaval in the Virginia assembly this year when it comes to cannabis! The biggest news until recently focused on efforts to get the rules around recreational sales consolidated sooner rather than later. Those efforts, however, were all for naught, and recreational sales will be left for a later date and session.

What is all the talk of the town right now, however, is a new THC restriction bill, drafted by GOP representatives that has bipartisan support. What exactly is this legislation, and what will it mean for cannabis in the Commonwealth? Read on to find out!

What’s in the Bill?

It has been said the bill has been designed specifically to go after synthetic products that until now have fallen through the cracks in Virginia, including Delta-8 products. These products, which are very different from high-quality medical marijuana, are often found available for purchase in gas stations and stores that specialize in hemp or CBD products.

Concerns exist around the content of these products and how they are marketed. Some of them, for example, are designed to look like candy, making them potentially appealing to young children. Some have expressed concern, too, about the synthetic and unregulated ingredients in these products. One concern is the thought that some manufacturers might use chemicals during processing.

Details on THC

The bill itself focuses specifically on the THC content in these products. If passed, it will ban all sales of any substance that contains more than 0.3 percent or .25 milligrams of THC per serving, or what is more than one milligram per package. This ban would apply to both synthetic and naturally occurring THC. One synthetic THC product, Delta-8, has received a good deal of attention as of late, spurring on this legislation.

Mislabeling of Delta-8 products has led to sales across the state that may or may not be legal. This legislation, in part, strives to more closely define and regulate those sales. The bill also seeks to ban the use of imagery in the marketing of these products that could appeal to children or misrepresent the product. This includes images of humans, animals, fruits, and vehicles.

Who Would This Legislation Affect?

Hemp advocates are particularly concerned about this legislation. They believe that quality hemp products will get lumped in with more dangerous substances, effectively shutting down the hemp industry.

The good news, however, is that medical marijuana should remain unscathed. There is a broad base of support for medical marijuana in Virginia. It is also a very carefully regulated industry that is not affected by any of the issues associated with the production of Delta-8 and other products cited in this new legislation.

Medical marijuana patients can rest assured that no matter what happens with the THC restriction bill, they will still be able to purchase and use the quality medical marijuana they need for relief!

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