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Medical Marijuana Works Wonders for Crohn's Patients

Crohn’s disease is a chronic condition that causes a great deal of inflammation in a person’s gastrointestinal tract. This disease can get worse over time, and many Crohn’s patients have experienced this frustrating reality.

Crohn’s is similar to IBD, or inflammatory bowel disease. It is a very painful condition that affects the entire digestive tract.

It is estimated that around half a million United States citizens have been diagnosed with Crohn’s.

What Causes Crohn’s Disease?

There is no real cause of Crohn’s disease that is currently known.

Some research would suggest that it can be carried through genetic material, or it could be caused by a very overactive immune system. For example, if your immune system causes inflammation for a long period of time, you can develop Crohn’s as a result.

Some experts believe that factors in the environment can also contribute to the development of Crohn’s disease.

What Are the Symptoms?

Crohn’s patients can experience varying levels of pain and symptoms depending on how severe their inflammation is and the location of it.

Some common symptoms reported by Crohn’s patients include abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue.

The longevity of these symptoms can vary from patient to patient.

Some patients report “flare-ups” when your symptoms come on suddenly and randomly. Some Crohn’s patients may also experience “recession” which is a period of time that a patient does not encounter any symptoms.

What Can Be Done?

There are many different things a Crohn’s patient can do in order to lessen their pain or reduce their symptoms.

First, avoiding certain triggers that cause flare-ups can be very beneficial to someone with Crohn’s.

Certain consumables are known to be a “trigger” for a symptom flare-up, such as alcohol, caffeine, a bad diet (too much dairy, greasy food, fried and high-fiber foods), and over-the-counter drugs such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin.

Crohn’s patients can stick to easy-to-digest foods if they want to give their stomach a break which, in turn, also helps with flare-ups.

Staying hydrated is also very important for everyone- including Crohn’s patients! Reducing stress and getting extra sleep can help prevent symptom flare-ups as well.

Medical Marijuana Can Help!

Many research studies have concluded that smoking marijuana can improve IBD symptoms, such as general pain and discomfort, nausea, poor sleeping habits, and a decreased appetite.

In today’s day and age, many people are starting to take their health more seriously. This includes eating habits and what they put into their bodies.

The peace of mind of knowing medical marijuana has been tested, approved, and proven safe is worth everything to some patients.

Many patients of IBD or Crohn’s have also been put on a long list of medications such as opioids. This can be dangerous since addiction is very prevalent in our society, now more than ever.

The freedom we have now- to be able to say “no” to harmful and addictive pharmaceuticals- is life-changing.

Natural remedies and treatments are becoming more and more popular for every type of ailment including depression and anxiety. Many Crohn’s patients also experience these symptoms and medical marijuana may be the next step to progress for them.

How Do I Get My Medical Marijuana Card In Virginia?

If you have one of the qualifying conditions required by the state of Virginia, you can apply for your medical marijuana card today by making an appointment with one of our licensed physicians.

You can also choose to complete this process in the comfort of your own home with a telemedicine appointment!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Consulting with a certified medical marijuana doctor is still the best way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in Virginia! These medical professionals can not only help you get your medical marijuana card, but also make recommendations as to how you can find relief for your symptoms.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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