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Important Information for Registered Agents in Virginia

In the State of Virginia, we have what are called registered agents, sometimes known as caregivers. These agents are authorized to purchase medical marijuana on behalf of a patient.

Some patients are unable to make it to the dispensary, such as those who live in assisted living facilities. Registered agents deliver their cannabis to them to ensure they have timely access to their medicine.

Those who have fine motor skill impairment or are unable to travel without assistance should also consider authorizing a registered agent.

Registered agents can be a friend, family member, or nurse. Minors must also have registered agents, as they cannot legally visit dispensaries. Their agent must be a parent or guardian.

If you think you may benefit from having a registered agent, or want to become one, here is some information for you.

How to Become a Registered Agent

In Virginia, it is relatively easy to become a registered agent. First, a patient must authorize you to purchase medical marijuana on their behalf. Then, you will have to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy

The registration fee is $25, and your registered agent status will be valid for one year. It costs $25 to renew your status. Registered agents may serve no more than two patients.

What to Consider When You Need a Registered Agent

Your registered agent will be responsible for picking up and bringing you your medicine. This person should be trustworthy and willing to educate themselves on medical marijuana laws.

Your registered agent should be comfortable with the effects of marijuana, as they may be around you when you are administering your medicine. Agents should also have reliable transportation and a basic knowledge of cannabis.

If the arrangement does not suit you for whatever reason, you can notify the state and request to authorize a new registered agent.

Responsibilities of Registered Agents

Registered agents must make sure their patient has a recommendation for their medicine from a physician, and they should ensure their patient’s medical marijuana card stays current and is renewed by its expiration date.

Some registered agents may provide a means of transportation for their patient to doctor's visits or the dispensary.

Caregivers may not consume any of their patient’s cannabis products or any cannabis unless they are also registered as a patient in the State of Virginia. They also may not give away or sell any of their patient’s cannabis.

Sometimes, patients will request for their agent to assist them in administering their medicine, so in this case, agents should be comfortable with this.

Try Medical Marijuana Today

Whether you are looking for a cannabis caregiver, wanting to become one, or think you may benefit from medical marijuana, we can help! In the State of Virginia, you need your medical marijuana card to access any licensed dispensaries.

If you don’t already have your Virginia marijuana card, we can help! Schedule an evaluation online today and we’ll make an appointment for you with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate doctors.


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