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How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana

Are you a Virginian who is seriously considering getting a medical marijuana card? You may be wondering how you can bring the topic up with a doctor. While more and more medical professionals are now aware of the myriad benefits of medical marijuana, not every physician is on board! How can you approach the conversation and what are your options?

Discuss Your History With Other Medications

Medical marijuana is often used as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. If you have taken pharmaceuticals in the past and not experienced relief, bring this up with your physician. Many patients, including those who experience PTSD, depression and anxiety, feel that they do far better with medical marijuana than they did with traditional medications.

Medical marijuana can also serve as a safer alternative in some cases, especially when it comes to treating chronic pain. If your history with pharmaceuticals is driving your decision to explore medical marijuana, make sure to bring this up with your doctor.

Do Your Homework

In advance of taking up this complex topic with your doctor, you will want to do your research so that you are putting together the most cohesive argument. It’s important to understand that, by and large, medical marijuana (like many medicines) treats symptoms associated with diseases and not the diseases themselves. There are also no specific conditions that qualify you for a medical marijuana card in Virginia.

There is a comprehensive list of common conditions that are often treated with medical marijuana, however. Get to know which disorders’ symptoms are commonly treated with medical marijuana. Keep in mind, too, that you may share a symptom with one of these commonly treated disorders even if you don’t have that disorder itself.

Talking to Veterans’ Administration Doctors

Many veterans are turning to medical marijuana, but things can get quite complex for those Virginians whose doctors are in the Veterans’ Administration system. VA clinicians cannot recommend marijuana or fill out any paperwork related to the recommendation of medical marijuana. Veterans, however, are encouraged to discuss whether or not they are using medical marijuana with their VA provider so that their clinician can provide the best care possible.

Even if veterans go through a different doctor for a recommendation, discussing it with their core provider is important in treatment planning! Any notes go into a private medical file and are treated as confidential patient information.

Some important points for vets to remember when it comes to getting medical marijuana:

· No VA clinician can recommend medical marijuana

· VA clinicians can only recommend FDA-approved medications

· The only FDA-approved medication that is derived from cannabis in part is used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome

· Veterans can’t be denied VA benefits if they decide to go the medical marijuana route

· Participating in the Virginia state medical marijuana program does not affect a vet’s eligibility for services or care

Veterans also need to keep in mind that medical marijuana is banned on all federal properties, including VA hospitals!

Turn to a Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor

Of course, there are medical specialists in Virginia that specialize in consultations for medical marijuana. These professionals understand the benefits of this natural medicine and will make recommendations without bias. Certified medical marijuana doctors also know all the ins and outs of how medical marijuana can help specific symptoms related to a wide number of disorders and provide you with the guidance you need!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card with a Certified Doctor Today!

There are certified medical marijuana doctors out there who are ready and willing to help!

Your first step is to set up a consultation with one of these doctors, who can give you the recommendation you need to access this natural product.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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