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  • Olivia Castro

How To Add Marijuana To Your Yoga Routine

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Using cannabis for yoga has been around for thousands of years. Cannabis works well with yoga as an exercise and meditative practice as its uplifting, stress-relieving properties pair well with yoga’s mindful movements. When added intentionally to your yoga practice, the effects can be euphoric.

The Best Practices For Adding Marijuana To Yoga Routine

Set intentions

Think about your intentions and why you want to incorporate cannabis into your yoga practice. Your intentions could be to relieve stress, to help loosen up tight pains or even to simply connect with yourself on a spiritual level. No matter your reasoning, intentions are key as in any practice.

Pay attention

Another important thing to keep in mind is paying attention to your body. If you’re a novice cannabis consumer with yoga, it is important to be mindful of how your body moves differently with cannabis versus how it moves without it. Take note about how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally as it changes throughout your practice.

Also, keep in mind how you previously used cannabis day to day. Like anytime when using cannabis, pay attention to your dosage, the strain and your own personal tolerance. By doing this, you honor your body, your practice and your relationship with cannabis as you explore this new relationship between cannabis and yoga.

Focus on strains

Your experience using cannabis and yoga can change from strain to strain. Try to look for strains with specific terpenes such as those found in lavender and also strains that have anti-anxiety and anti-depression aspects to them. This will give you calm, relaxed feeling throughout your practice.

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