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Cannabis Usage & Job Performance

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A permeating myth about cannabis is that use outside of work hours can negatively impact patients’ job performance.

A recent study from San Diego State University took a deeper look at cannabis usage and work performance. The study sampled 281 employees and their direct supervisors. Each employee was asked about the frequency of their cannabis use, the timing they used before, during and after their work shift. Each supervisor was asked to record their employees’ performance each day and behavior.

Medicating Before v. After Work

The results indicate that there was a negative impact on job performance when employees used cannabis right before work or during work hours on task performance. However, there was no relationship between using cannabis after work and the employees’ performance on the job. The participants that used cannabis after work hours were able to concentrate on tasks at work and were not impaired compared to those that used right before and during.

Dr. Jeremy Bernerth, management professor at San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business and the leader of the study, suggested that cannabis can have benefits for employees after work hours. Bernerth found that when employees use cannabis after hours it allows them to destress, unwind and return to work the next day with ‘renewed energy and enthusiasm’.

How Should I Medicate

For medical marijuana patients, it is important to set the best times to medicate so that it does not interfere with daily tasks and performance. Keep in mind that, while you may have a medical marijuana card, you are still subject to the policies of your employer. Company policies may prohibit cannabis use before or during work hours.

It is important to track how you medicate and your reactions. If you find that medicating makes you lethargic or unable to focus, medicate after work hours or at night. Every patient is different and has different needs. Always consult with your doctor and budtender about the best products and dosages to fit your lifestyle.

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