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  • Bailey Porras

Cannabis Pop-Up Shops: Are They Legal?

As of July 5th, 2022, there are over 50,000 Virginia residents with their own medical marijuana cards. Clearly, the program is growing in popularity as Virginia residents continue to be curious and hopeful that cannabis could be the answer to their health concerns.

Although a recreational industry is still a ways off in Virginia, medical marijuana patients can still enjoy many freedoms such as growing their own medicine, consuming it, and giving it away to friends and family over 21 years of age.

Cannabis patients are very happy to have the opportunity to try medical marijuana as an aid for their condition and symptoms, but salespeople and businessmen are looking to take advantage of that.

What Is a Marijuana Pop-Up Shop?

These pop-up shops are basically like bars, but for cannabis. Think of ordering your favorite drink at a club or trying new things. This is the same idea for cannabis bars or pop-ups.

Customers pay for memberships to these shops whether it’s daily, a weekend pass, or an annual membership. These can range from $25 to hundreds of dollars.

Since you are not allowed to consume cannabis in public places, clubs like these specifically allow smoking on their property. People can bring their own cannabis and smoke it in a social situation at these bars.

Is This Legal?

No. In short, Virginia’s laws are pretty flexible and fair, but one of the few things prohibited is the consumption or offering of marijuana in a public place.

When we think about the definition of a “public place”, it is “any place, building, or conveyance to which the public has, or is permitted to have, access.”

This definition, then, includes everything from restaurants to retail stores to dispensaries.

These businesses are preying on impressionable consumers who may not know exactly what is and is not legal, and trusting these companies to follow the law. They are taking advantage of many patients who risk legal troubles by participating at these shops.

For now, law enforcement seems to be looking the other way regarding these businesses and consumers. However, if law enforcement decides to start cracking down on these illegal activities, consumers will be at risk for legal trouble.

Bottom Line

These shops are completely illegal in the State of Virginia. If you want to stay away from trouble with the law, then your best bet is to steer clear of these illegal businesses who are preying on consumers like yourself.

The medical marijuana program in Virginia offers a safe way to medicate and deal with painful symptoms. This is a luxury, and there is no point in trying to rock the boat here.

Get Some Legal, Natural Relief Today!

If you want to enjoy medical marijuana in the State of Virginia, you will need your medical marijuana card.

Schedule an evaluation online and we’ll make an appointment for you with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate doctors. Not only will you discuss your condition and options during a virtual appointment in the safety of your own home, but if you reserve an appointment online today, you’ll also save $25 off the cost of the appointment!

We’ll even refund the total appointment cost if you and your doctor conclude that medical marijuana isn’t right for you. You have nothing to lose, and a world of potential health benefits to gain!


Doctors Who Care.

Relief You Can Trust.

At Virginia Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness

safely and conveniently through increased access to MMJ. Our focus on

education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by

providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (888) 633-5808, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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