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A Year In: Virginia's Cannabis Control Act Today

When the Cannabis Control Act passed in Virginia in 2022, many rejoiced. Countless Virginians lined up to get their medical marijuana card in hopes of enjoying the many benefits of this natural remedy. One year into the CCA, how are things going for the citizens of the Commonwealth? What changes, if any, have been made to this important legislation?

Let’s take a look!

Key Points in the CCA

The passage of the CCA on April 7, 2021 defined parameters for the legal cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of adult-use cannabis in the Commonwealth. The legislation established a Cannabis Control Authority, as well, which would oversee licensed dispensaries, cultivators and manufacturers.

There were social justice components in the law, as well. The CCA defined clear parameters for social equity applicants, prioritizing them for retail licenses when adult-use retail sales would eventually begin. The law also established a social equity program and sought to reinvest funds from cannabis revenues into marginalized communities. Finally, the CCA enacted extensive reform of criminal penalties for possession and cannabis-related crimes.

Medical Marijuana in the CCA

Of course, one of the most exciting aspects of the CCA was the creation of Virginia’s medical marijuana program. Since 2021, Virginians have been allowed to consult with a doctor, receive a recommendation and then file for a medical marijuana card with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

In no time at all, licensed processors got their operations up and running in the six Health Service Areas in Virginia. Today, every HSA except the Shenandoah Valley has a number of dispensaries where patients can access their medical marijuana safely and legally.

Enactment 7 in the CCA

Unfortunately, the retail market has not been so lucky. The election of Governor Youngkin turned the tide against some of the more liberal aspects of the original legislation.

Additionally, Enactment 7 in the CCA stated that several parts of the CCA related to retail sales would not become effective unless the Virginia General Assembly reenacted them in the 2022 session. Despite the introduction of over 40 cannabis-related bills to the Assembly, none of these portions of the CCA were reenacted, leaving retail sales on hold for the long term. While there may be some movement in 2023, the future of retail sales remains questionable for the time being.

HB 30

Virginia did enact some changes to the CCA in the 2022-2024 budget bill. Important amendments to the CCA in HB 30 included new labeling requirements for industrial hemp products and revised fines and penalties for possession and home growers.

Medical marijuana, however, remains the tried and true heart of the cannabis industry in Virginia. More and more citizens of the Commonwealth are signing up for their medical marijuana cards and finding the relief they need every day!

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Consulting with a certified medical marijuana doctor is still the best way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in Virginia! These medical professionals can not only help you get your medical marijuana card, but also make recommendations as to how you can find relief for your symptoms.

Schedule an appointment with an online VA medical marijuana doctor today to start gaining access to safe and legal cannabis products, including tinctures, flower, concentrates and more for your loved one or patient!


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