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Most Medical Marijuana is Vegetarian and Even Vegan! Enjoy Products at VA Dispensaries Cruelty-Free!

Medical Marijuana and a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Becoming a vegetarian brings with it a lot of change. When you go vegetarian, it means looking at choices in every aspect of your life, including what medication you take. If you are a vegetarian with a Virginia medical marijuana card, you may be wondering about how this natural medication lines up with your choices.

How does medical marijuana fit into your vegetarian lifestyle? Quite well, it seems! Let’s take a look.

Medical Marijuana: Is it Vegetarian?

It sure is! It’s made of plants, after all. But in all seriousness, medical marijuana does tick the boxes when it comes to lining up with a vegetarian lifestyle.

Some edibles, such as gummies, may be a concern for some vegetarians as they can contain gelatin, which derives from animal products. Fortunately, there are many gummies on the market today that forego gelatin, making them safe choices for vegetarians.

As for whole flower marijuana and other popular medical marijuana products, what you see is what you get! A natural, plant-based product that lines up well with vegetarianism. Pass the spinach and the leaf, please!

Medical Marijuana: The More Organic Alternative

Of course, the irony is that the federal government ‘owns’ the label ‘organic,’ and since the federal government still hasn’t seen the light when it comes to medical marijuana, it can’t be officially labeled as such. Given the strict standards applied to medical marijuana in Virginia, however, you can rest assured that what you are getting is a quality product that has been grown in a controlled environment with no dangerous additives… and made mostly of plant!

Big Pharma and Animal Testing

It’s a sad truth that most of the pharmaceuticals used to treat medical conditions go through animal testing. This has long been a huge catch for vegetarians. How can you truly be a dedicated vegetarian when taking medications that so impact animals?

The good news is that medical marijuana sidesteps much of this animal testing. When it is tested on animals, it is only to assess how well it can treat animals for conditions such as chronic pain. If you are a vegetarian looking for an ethical alternative to pharmaceuticals in this respect, medical marijuana is the answer.

Medical marijuana treats a range of conditions, including but not limited to pain, depression, PTSD, glaucoma, and more. With even complex conditions such as Alzheimer’s, you may well have a more ethical alternative available to you in the form of medical marijuana.

Get Your Vegetarian VA Marijuana Card Today!

Being a tried and true vegetarian doesn't have to conflict with using medical marijuana. In fact, medical marijuana can enhance your veg cred!

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